5 things we took away from the FairMoney #BeYourOwnWoman webinar about these inspiring women.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, FairMoney Micro Finance Bank tackled #BreakTheBias with a webinar set up to help women #BeYourOwnWoman. Four inspiring women, Toyin Abraham, Mariam Bakre, Tosin Olaseinde and Anto Lecky, took the stage to share their stories and inspire with their experiences as entrepreneurs. Also, in contribution, FairMoney supported 3 women: Ann Eneyi, a Service Corps member who owns a small beverage and beverage distribution business, Olufunmi Ehuwa, an indigenous online food vendor, and Onyekachi Blessing Eze, a fashion clothing vendor. for ladies, with small grants worth 100,000 naira each. These grants are intended to support small businesses and encourage personal development.

Here are 5 things we learned from the webinar:

  1. Focus: Stay on task regardless of the fights, no real winner is a quitter. If you stick with it long enough, you will reap the rewards of your hard work.
  1. Make the most of your resources, especially your small circle as it grows. You don’t necessarily need to know everyone before progressing. Take advantage of your current circle and it will gradually expand. Rome was not built in a day as we have all heard several times, this definitely applies to our daily lives and aspirations. Maximize the resources of your people.
  1. Baby steps and progress count – you can’t be so hard on yourself and forget your little victories when, in all honesty, these are the victories that take you to 100. Enjoy your little victories and accept that sometimes you might miss a mark , but that doesn’t really mean failure if you choose to learn from it.
  1. Don’t expect it to be easy because nothing worthwhile is. This cannot be said enough, achieving your dreams will be difficult. It will be stressful. You’ll feel like giving up, but you can’t if you want the winners to dance. Close your heart and ears to everything being easy and see how you will overcome obstacles like the queen you are.
  1. FairMoney Microfinance Bank accompanied him throughout his journey. It may sound like “audio”, but trust that as a digital bank with strong offerings for the unbanked, FairMoney is truly willing to ensure that every step of the way it is able to support all of its queens who are trying hard. and, of course, prosperous.

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