7 arrested for extorting money under the guise of granting loans in Nadia of Bengal

A team of West Bengal CID officers carried out a raid in Nadia district and arrested seven people for allegedly extorting money under the guise of granting loans.

The defendant posted an advertisement in the newspapers to offer easy loans on a regular basis in West Bengal (Photo: Representational)

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested seven people, including two women, from Kalyani district, Nadia, West Bengal, for allegedly extorting money under the guise of giving loans on a regular basis. The agency’s sleuths conducted a raid and seized documents, both forged and original, four laptops, 15 keypad phones, 11 smartphones, 63 ATM cards and rubber stamps.

The raids were carried out after the police received multiple complaints. The defendants published newspaper advertisements to offer easy loans on a regular basis. The accused used the name of an organization for almost a year, using the Durgapur and Galsi addresses to extort money from people. The capo has been identified as Subrata Sarkar.

The defendants used the names of Unnayan Samity, Gramin Samobay Udyog Yojona, Samabay Yojona and Janakalyan Samity and even set up a website to convince customers.

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The defendants asked clients to fill out a form and, after receiving data in their office, they called them and extorted money. They also collected Aadhaar card details through various charitable activities of the NGO, whose chairman was Subrata Sarkar, and opened Aadhaar-based digital bank accounts in his name using his fingerprints. These accounts were used to collect the fraudulent amount.

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