Automotive Marketing and Communication Awards: Meet the Jury

Michelle Davis

Automotive Manager, LinkedIn

I want to see creativity during tough times, whether in data, channel usage or formats. Activity that goes beyond the achievement of its objectives.

Trick : Go ahead and enter! We have been through some very difficult times, so take this opportunity to celebrate the great work that has taken place.

Andy Francois

Co-General Manager, Performance Comms

I’m looking for good ideas, great creativity, original results and not just results.

Trick : Be clear about the objective and how your campaign/project achieves it with measurable results.

Steve Kelly

UK and Ireland Marketing Manager, Harley Davidson

I seek to see innovation and creativity that go beyond the norm. Delivering impact with a high ROI is a must, and I’ll be looking for the teams working to deliver campaigns just as effectively, but with smaller budgets.

Trick : This is a great opportunity for your teams to pause and reflect on some of your successes by highlighting them across the industry.

Simon McDermott

Sales Manager, Ignition

I’m looking for something that combines a truly remarkable idea or campaign that has a “human feel” – one that connects and engages with its audience.

Trick : My advice would be to enter! Our company entered the top awards and won: the benefits in terms of recognition with both existing and new customers are great, but equally important, the recognition for the team has been very rewarding to see.

Helen Neel

Founder, HN Communications

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