Blairgowrie Primary School hosts a bustling market

Local businesses, artisans, food stalls, contractors, and child and pet-friendly stores were all welcomed at the “Local Market”.

Blairgowrie Primary School held this fun community market as part of a fundraising initiative on June 11.

Dylan Lee from the Bacon Jam store. Photo: Lonwabo Sangqu

Many people came to the market. With the variety of booths present, it was difficult to decide where to start.

An artwork made by Tffy Zvomuya. Photo: Lonwabo Sangqu

Dorothy Avvakoumides, the owner of ‘Syrinus Store’, said the meaning of the store’s name was the ‘first 1,000 step to success’. Her antique jewelry store sells distinctive crystals and other gemstones as well as books on the different crystals and gemstones. Avvakoumides added that star-bound humans like our bodies hold the same number of elements of the universe.

Antique jewelry from Syrinus Store hangs from a handmade baobab tree. Photo: Lonwabo Sangqu

Talented artisan, Tffy Zvomuya of Wilber Beads, has made aesthetic, household and artistic figures. “I’ve been doing this for 14 years,” he says.
He shared that it angered him when international poachers came to our country to harm wildlife, only to stuff bodies and put them on display. He wanted these people to prefer to invest in his works of art and exhibit them.

Tffy Zvomuya, artisan at Wilber Beads. Photo; Lonwabo Sangqu

Bacon Jam’s Dylan Lee shared that the store was started by famed comedian and home cook, Chris Forrest. Many mentioned that the name of the food seemed funny to them. Forrest replied, “It’s not something you listen to, it’s something you eat.”

Bacon jam is on display. Photo: Lonwabo Sangqu

Throughout the day, people danced to the music played by the DJ, indulged in mouth-watering food being sold and explored the various stalls and left either having bought something or having learned something they wanted. they had never known before.

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