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Award-winning marketer Sally Falkow and Ulan Nutritional Systems have launched a Facebook Marketing Course for Healthcare Professionals.

Unless you are very adept at using the Facebook platform, you are probably going to miss the mark. You need high-quality, consistent content and strategy to attract the right audience.

– Sally Falkow

CLEARWATER, FL, USA, October 11, 2021 / – A study by the National Institutes of Health shows that COVID-19 has increased online searches for health-related terms. This pandemic has raised awareness of the need for a strong immune system and the means to cope with a disease for which no one was prepared.
The burden of this need for education and assistance falls on health care providers. People are looking for a healthcare professional who they can trust and who can help them through this confusing time.
One of the best ways to reach the public looking for health solutions is on social media, and in particular on Facebook. With more than 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular platform in the world and remains the “home base” for many people on social networks.
The group most likely to seek answers about health on social media are women between the ages of 30 and 65. And when you look at users of all social media platforms, this group looks the most like Facebook users. 77 percent of women use Facebook, and the 30 to 64 age group is also in the 75 percent and over range.
Using Facebook to reach this audience who actively seek out health information is not always a straightforward task. It might sound simple enough, but there are many aspects to effectively using Facebook marketing to attract new patients.
“I built my practice in Des Moines entirely using social media when I started it,” says Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN. “Facebook marketing was instrumental in raising awareness and filling my appointment book with quality patients who watched my videos and got involved in my posts. They already know they want to enroll as soon as they walk in the door and take the first steps to improve their health.
“Unless you are very proficient in using the Facebook platform, you’re probably going to miss the mark,” says Sally Falkow, an award-winning Facebook marketing expert. “It is not enough to post a few images on Facebook. You need a solid strategy and consistent, high-quality content backed by an ad campaign to attract the right fans and followers.
In collaboration with Ulan Nutritional Systems, Falkow created a course that teaches healthcare professionals how to use Facebook marketing to attract new patients.
In this course, practitioners learn:
• How to find the right audience using Facebook data
• How to create great quality content that attracts the right people
• How to create an engaged community of interested and loyal subscribers
• What is the content of FORMULA and how to use it
• How to use Canva to create content
• How to create an advertising account
• How to create a Facebook pixel
• How to test an ad to see that it is effective
• Track results with Facebook Insights
• How to increase engagement

The course is available on Kajabi. He adapts to his own pace, but a tutor oversees each student’s progress throughout the course. Students can join the Facebook group for course members once they have registered and course creator Sally Falkow will be available in this group for one hour per week to answer student questions. Register here for the course.

Mike Russell
Ulan Nutritional Systems
+1 727-442-7101
write us here

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“Blunt force”: Understand why the city has ended its marketing with Visit Duluth Sat, 09 Oct 2021 20:59:00 +0000

During its relationship with Visit Duluth, the town has become one of the Midwest’s most desirable places to visit – boasting all the majesty of Lake Superior, breathtaking natural terrain, and the amenities that come with a basic getaway. .

And while Visit Duluth proposed to renew its work with the city for an 87th year in 2022, President and CEO Anna Tanski made it clear in her speech to the city’s decision-making panel that there only seemed to be ‘one choice.

“(B) Lending city leadership with the expertise of Visit Duluth will provide the most direct route to elevate Duluth’s brand and drive growth now and into the future,” Tanski wrote in a proposal.

With temperatures in the ’80s, people flocked to Park Point to spend the day along the beach on Friday afternoon. Bob King /

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But documents obtained through a News Tribune data request illustrate a city administration that had grown weary of Visit Duluth. The typed and handwritten reviews revealed harsh feelings, dissatisfaction with Visit Duluth’s work, and strong articulation that the agency’s abilities suffered compared to other prospects.

Even at a time when community members and industry peers came in droves to urge the city to retain Visit Duluth, a panel composed mostly of city administrators were united as to how it received the award. proposal from Visit Duluth.

“They talk about what they have done in the past, but not necessarily what they would do in the future,” wrote one of the city’s assessors.

The criticisms were widespread and sharp. But the assessments were also semi-anonymous, hidden behind a key the city refused to decode.

With that in mind, it’s important to know the opinion makers who shaped the city council vote that in August struck a $ 1.8 million marketing deal with Edina, Minnesota-based Bellmont Partners.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson.  Contribution / City of Duluth

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson. Contribution / City of Duluth

The seven-member panel included:

  • Mayor Emily Larson.

  • Noah Schuchman, City Administrative Director.

  • Jennifer Carlson, City Finance Director.

  • Kate Van Daele, city spokesperson.

  • Adam Fulton, deputy director of the planning and economic development division at Duluth.

  • Arik Forsman, City Councilor.

  • Amanda Ashbach, City Purchasing Agent.

Throughout this story, it will not be clear which assessment passages to assign to which person. But the ratings sounded consistent anyway. On a 100-point scale used in the final assessment, none of the panelists rated Visit Duluth higher than 75, and one issued the equivalent of a report card of a D-less (55). Conversely, Bellmont Partners obtained an average of 93.

Reviewers’ issues with Visit Duluth weren’t limited to one thing or another. Instead, themes emerged that strayed wildly from opinions such as that belonging to Briana Johnson, a former Visit Duluth board chair, whose sentiment was echoed throughout the August outcry against the city’s decision.

People see the lights at Bentleyville's opening night at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth on Saturday.  The Holiday Light Show is now open daily at 5 p.m. until Monday, December 26, 2016, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve.  (Clint Austin /

People see the lights at Bentleyville’s opening night at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth on Saturday. The Holiday Light Show is now open daily at 5 p.m. until Monday, December 26, 2016, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve. (Clint Austin /

“Duluth tourism has seen unprecedented growth under Visit Duluth over the past two decades, I can’t help but wonder why the effectiveness of the organization is in question at this point,” Johnson wrote in the one of the many letters received by the city.

But the reviewers questioned Visit Duluth, starting with the historical concept of Visit Duluth itself.

“This group does not have the marketing power and efficiency of a large corporation,” wrote one of the seven panelists. “This is a small group that depends primarily on the city for funding and the city is its only client.”

From there, the reviews broke into themes:

  • A lack of communication and understanding of who the boss is.

  • High personnel costs in relation to the results.

  • Distrust of the reach and creativity of Visit Duluth.

  • And a lack of data and analytical development within Visit Duluth.

U.S. Brigadier Niagara blows a cannon during the Sailing Festival Sunday August 11, 2019 at Canal Park.  Ellen Schmidt/

U.S. Brigadier Niagara blows a cannon during the Sailing Festival Sunday August 11, 2019 at Canal Park. Ellen Schmidt/

On the subject of communication: “Their issues are all relational,” wrote a panelist. Another panelist was “concerned about the global ego”, which they said “would hurt financial growth”.

“The existing board structure can create conflicts with who (the) primary client is – city or council (visit Duluth),” wrote another panelist.

It was a sentiment expressed on several occasions, including a panelist describing the city as a business.

“They don’t seem to understand what the relationship is between a customer and the business to keep the customer happy and aware of their efforts,” the reviewer wrote.

The same reviewer said Visit Duluth appeared to be “playing favorites” and had “strained relationships across the industry”.

Visit Duluth CEO Anna Tanski poses for a photo on February 19, 2014. Steve Kuchera / File / Duluth News Tribune

Visit Duluth CEO Anna Tanski poses for a photo on February 19, 2014. Steve Kuchera / File / Duluth News Tribune

Visit Duluth’s Tanski declined to comment last week in defense of his agency. Instead, she cited a need for discretion as Visit Duluth continues to seek a $ 400,000 contract to manage conventions and visitor center operations for the city.

When asked if there has been any progress in this direction, Schuchman said last week: “We are working in good faith to reach an agreement.”

He declined to address the many questions raised by the written assessments.

On staffing, Visit Duluth presented a budget of $ 758,500 for operational expenses, compared to $ 987,000 for marketing and visitor services.

“The budget (is) more staff-intensive than other agencies, leaving less money for marketing,” wrote one panelist.

Regarding the analysis, Visit Duluth has been criticized for being behind in analyzing the data.

Best friends Lexi Schelde (left) and Rylee Zolin-Greek, both from Duluth, examine and smash rocks for geodes and crystals while hunting the same ones - plus agates and sea glass - along of Canal Park beach under a large, passing cloud Wednesday afternoon.  Bob King /

Best friends Lexi Schelde (left) and Rylee Zolin-Greek, both from Duluth, examine and smash rocks for geodes and crystals while hunting the same ones – plus agates and sea glass – along of Canal Park beach under a large, passing cloud Wednesday afternoon. Bob King /

“(M) etrics and goals (are) still being developed despite decades of history,” said one reviewer.

Another called him “unhappy” Visit Duluth did not have fully developed analytical processes.

“Looks like they’re coming in late to establish measures,” another said, while another panelist said Visit Duluth couldn’t share anything about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, “in part because that I don’t think they’ve tracked the impacts before. ”

On the theme of creativity, one panelist called Visit Duluth “more of a direct approach to the development of attractions and the quantity of visitors”. Another panelist said Visit Duluth was good at “filling heads in beds and reserving spaces,” but apparently not enough.

Another said that “the creative examples shared (were) not as dynamic as other agencies”. Others said Visit Duluth lacked scope or clarity on how to reach new audiences.

“(Visit Duluth) has repeatedly referred to a” limited market, “indicating a limited perspective on who can or cannot visit the city,” wrote one panelist.

In the end, Visit Duluth’s pitch for another year of city marketing work suffered for its history, which is based on a membership model.

“In general, (there was a) clear feeling that the proposed approach would not change,” said one panelist. “(There is) little point in changing the way they approached this work, which tends to leave out many voices. ”

In contrast, Bellmont Partners’ reviews were complimentary, citing “fantastic past results with clients”.

Noah schuchman

Noah schuchman

Panelists glossed over the risk of “getting lost in the crowd” at a large agency, in favor of details like “in-house videographers” (not something Visit Duluth offers) and a “personalized dashboard to track. performance measures “.

“Team members traveled to Duluth and shared photos of their trips to Duluth during the presentation,” wrote an impressed panelist.

Bellmont Partners has started preparing to take over as the city’s marketing arm and will function “fully” in that role on Jan. 1, Schuchman said, calling it premature to guess the new approach to come.

A final comment from a panelist about Bellmont Partners seemed to hit home and echoed the anger of people who scoffed at the town’s decision, saying: “(The) only downside is that they’re not from Duluth. ”

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5 common growth marketing mistakes startups make – TechCrunch Fri, 08 Oct 2021 16:42:53 +0000

Having spent time in the trenches with many startups, I’ve been fortunate enough to see why many growth marketing engines aren’t performing well. I say I’m lucky because the issues I’ve seen have taught me so much about what makes a well-oiled and polished growth marketing engine work on all cylinders. My experience at Postmates taught me more through mistakes than triumphs, and I learned how to properly size a growth engine while guiding us to an exit.

A common thread of errors connects most startups that are trying their hand at growth marketing. Some common mistakes include performance metrics that aren’t properly measured, product and growth teams working in silos, poor testing speed, and an inability to factor in the marketing funnel as a whole.

That’s not to say that there aren’t unique issues every time you start up. I’m just saying that there are a few that are ubiquitous.

Low test speed

The day is far into the future when you’ll be able to flip a switch for paid acquisition, lifecycle, social media, and content, and everything to run automatically. Until that day arrives, the need to continue testing is paramount.

A visualization of how a framework of “rapid tests” can accelerate CAC reductions. Image credits: Jonathan martinez

It’s simple: test more and the results will happen sooner. While the concept is simple, you will need an appropriate testing framework, which defines the number and type of weekly tests that are deployed. An example of a weekly test plan might look like this:

  • Acquisition for a fee: two creative concepts x three copy iterations = six creative elements.
  • Lifecycle: two copy variations x five emails = 10 email variations.

Create a test framework and, most importantly, stick to it. The results will follow.

Use of incorrect measurements

When measuring the success of a campaign, whether on social media for a paid acquisition or with a series of lifecycle retention, it’s critical to have the correct metrics before you act – that’s is the fundamental backbone of any growth marketing stack.

But what if your performance metrics are inaccurate? And if they are, why? I’ve listed the top three reasons the metrics aren’t correct below:

  • Source of attribution.
  • Loss of attribution.
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Neustar Launches Optimizer ™, a New Closed-Loop Marketing Optimization and Consumer Intelligence Platform, to Deliver Real-Time Analytics and Improved Return on Investment Across Marketing Mix Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:30:00 +0000

STERLING, Virginia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Neustar Inc., a global information technology and services company and leader in identity resolution, today announced the launch of Neustar Optimizer, a new marketing optimization platform in Closed loop and consumer analytics that enables marketers to improve marketing and brand performance by measuring all consumer activity. Marketers can use Neustar Optimizer to perform real-time critical optimizations of marketing mix, media budget allocation, campaign and creative tactics, and audience segments.

Optimizer combines Neustar’s industry-leading consumer identity and unified marketing measurement capabilities into a single, easy-to-use platform to:

  • Drive unified analytics through granular marketing mix modeling (MMM) and advanced multi-touch attribution (MTA) with advanced cleanroom, machine learning and consumer identity graphing capabilities

  • Leverage 20x faster marketing performance optimization on target audiences, publishers, creatives and campaign performance

  • Bring your own models (BYO) to quickly test and predict return on investment (ROI) across hundreds of marketing scenarios

  • Adapt to data depreciation by measuring over 80% of total digital media in a privacy-centric post-ID marketing environment

  • Perform reach and frequency analyzes to eliminate media wastage by identifying the exact number of ad exposures needed to convert a buyer

  • Implement journey analyzes to identify how all consumer touch points (e.g. paid, owned and acquired media, customer service) impact the purchase path

  • Optimize audience targeting by identifying incremental consumer segments most likely to respond to advertising with predictive analytics

Neustar Optimizer leverages the most comprehensive identification and machine learning capabilities available, which powers identity-based data and unified analytics solutions for 70% of Fortune 100 brands. This includes hygiene CRM, l ‘data enrichment, integration, audience segmentation and media syndication services.

In addition, Optimizer is backed by Fabrick ™, the Neustar data connectivity platform, which supports an extensive network of direct media integrations and metrics covering over 80% of media spend on linear and addressable TV. , the walled gardens, more than 250 publishers and more than 60 of the main adtech, martech and ad serving platforms. This ensures continuous and comprehensive measurement coverage regardless of third-party cookie impairment and device ID loss through media investments and metrics.

“With Optimizer, the promise of agile marketing becomes a reality,” said Michael Schoen, senior vice president and general manager of marketing solutions at Neustar. “We’re making marketing analytics and data science exponentially more accurate and actionable for marketers. The unique combination of Identity-Based Data Optimizer, cross-media integrations, data depreciation protections and cleanroom technology is unmatched in the marketing world.

The results, as reported by Forrester Consulting1 among major automotive, financial services, telecommunications and retail customers using Neustar Unified Analytics, including:

  • 30% increase in additional income

  • 130% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)

  • 10X return on investment (ROI)

  • Brand building at the top of the funnel improved

  • Budget savings through improved media partnerships

  • Productivity gains for internal teams

A leading global retailer said: “[After using Neustar Unified Analytics], I now think more about experiences than campaigns. I want to tailor my posts on a need-based experience rather than serving a brief-based message. The focus has shifted from the marketer’s point of view and goal to focusing on the needs of the customer. ”

A major telecommunications brand said: “Neustar Unified Analytics is like a compass. You still have to walk to your destination, but Neustar instantly shows you the best way to get there. This requires partnering with the agencies and the internal marketing team to make sure all the right decisions are made based on what the data is telling us. But the solution is the key here, and it will dramatically improve our return on investment. ”

A leading automaker said, “I always suspected we were overspending. Once we started using Neustar, we immediately saw that we had hit the same customers 200-300 times over a 10-day period. Fifteen percent of our impressions were shared multiple times with the same customer. We reallocated our dollars, saved a lot of money, and there was no deterioration in performance. In fact, the performances have increased and we have gained a lot of credibility as a team. ”

The launch of Neustar Optimizer follows on from Neustar’s recent marketing measurement diagnostic, the Fabrick Impact Assessment, presented last month. Fabrick Impact Assessment is a new process to help marketers diagnose and mitigate the impact of third-party cookie depreciation and device ID loss on their media investments and metrics. .


Neustar Optimizer ™ is a closed-loop marketing optimization and consumer insight platform, backed by broad metric integrations and professional services expertise, that enables marketers to measure all of the activities of customers. consumers to perform critical on-the-fly optimizations of their marketing mix, campaign tactics. , and audience targets to improve the impact of marketing on sales.

Learn more at


Neustar is an information technology and services company and a leader in identity resolution providing the data and technology that enable trusted connections between businesses and people at times of greatest importance. Neustar offers cutting-edge marketing, risk, communications and security solutions that responsibly connect data about people, devices and locations, continuously corroborated by billions of transactions. Neustar serves more than 8,000 customers worldwide, including 60 in the Fortune 100. Find out how your business can benefit from the power of trusted connections here:

1 Forrester Consulting 2021, The Total Economic Impact ™ of Neustar Unified Analytics

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]]> Christopher Clemmensen, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Echo Global Logistics, named to Crain’s Chicago Business 2021 ‘Notable Marketing Executives’ List Wed, 06 Oct 2021 20:01:00 +0000

The list recognizes leaders in marketing who have helped their businesses succeed by evolving and innovating during a difficult year.

CHICAGO, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Echo Global Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECHO), a leading provider of transportation management technology services, today announced that Christophe Clemmensen, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Echo, has been appointed to Crain’s Business in Chicago 2021 List of senior marketing executives. Registration on the list recognizes Chicago– regional marketing executives who have had a significant impact in their profession and their industry.

Christopher Clemmensen, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Clemmensen, who has over 25 years of marketing experience, joined the Echo team in 2015. He leads all aspects of marketing including digital and online marketing, advertising, research, lead generation , social media, public relations and the company’s website. Clemmensen develops and implements a strategy for company branding initiatives, product positioning, content development and market research. He also recently led the development and launch of a customer loyalty program.

At Echo, Clemmensen ran successful annual campaigns to achieve five consecutive # 1 reader rankings for an influential business publication, Inbound logistics. He also led a major database quality improvement project and created the company’s proprietary carrier portal and mobile app, EchoDrive, and the shipper portal, EchoShip. Additionally, Clemmensen has created outbound email campaigns that have generated thousands of customers and millions of additional revenue over the past five years.

Clemmensen was also instrumental in guiding the team through the many challenges facing 2020, such as the pandemic and heightened awareness of social justice issues. With his marketing experience and skills, Clemmensen has ensured that internal and external communication initiatives are environmentally sensitive while emphasizing Echo’s role in addressing these issues.

“We are all proud that Chris has received this recognition from Crain’s Business in Chicago for his many accomplishments, ”said Dave menzel, president and chief operating officer at Echo. “Like most businesses over the past year and a half, Echo has had to be creative and resilient to keep moving forward in an uncertain environment, and this is especially true in the logistics industry. Thanks to talented executives like Chris, we have been able to continue strong growth while responding to rapid market changes. “

Crain’s Business in Chicago The list of senior marketing executives highlights executives who have had a major positive effect in their industries and businesses, as evidenced by quantifiable results. A profile of each laureate is available for subscribers in the Crain’s Business in Chicago print and digital editions.

“I am honored to be part of the Crain’s Business in Chicago List of Notable Marketing Executives for 2021, ”Clemmensen said. “I would like to thank everyone in our Marketing and Echo department for their hard work which made our success possible, as well as our management team for their support. At Echo, “Carry the Load Together” is one of our core values, and together we make transportation easier for our customers and carrier partners. “

Learn more about Echo at

About Echo Global Logistics
Echo Global Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECHO) is a leading Fortune 1000 provider of technology-based transportation and supply chain management services. Headquartered in Chicago with more than 30 offices across the country, Echo offers freight brokerage and managed transportation solutions for all major modes, including full load, LTL, LTL, intermodal and l ‘acceleration. Echo operates a proprietary web-based technology platform that compiles and analyzes data from its network of over 50,000 transportation providers to serve 35,000 customers across a wide range of industries and simplify the critical tasks involved in management transports. For more information on Echo Global Logistics, visit:

ECHO: Company

Zach Jecklin
Senior Vice President of Strategy
Echo Global Logistics

Christophe Clemmensen
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Echo Global Logistics

(PRNewsfoto / Echo Global Logistics, Inc.)

(PRNewsfoto / Echo Global Logistics, Inc.)



View original content to download multimedia: -2021 -notable-executive-in-marketing-list-301394491.html

SOURCE Echo Global Logistics, Inc.

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Can Pernicious Marketing Problems Be Solved With Human-Centered Design? Wed, 06 Oct 2021 02:17:40 +0000 Prashant Kohli, vice president of strategy at The Glitch (a VMLY & R company), India, explains how agencies can work to secure a seat at the big table and create valuable work for businesses and consumers by deploying thoughtful thinking human-centered design.

I like marketing. Despite my occasional skepticism, I love the job. My ten-year journey as an adman who creates and develops brands has been nothing less than an adventure. It made me travel – literally and metaphorically. I have been part of tribes and movements. Met outlaws, healers and magicians. Struggling with artificial intelligence and human stupidity. I was impressed by the individual will to overcome obstacles and the collective ability to transform lives.

I believe in the power of stories to transform lives. But first, marketing must transform.

The marketing industry seems to be on a unique mission of self-sabotage. We have made human emotions a commodity. We’ve replaced real people with demographics and target groups and replaced our accountability to businesses with meaningless KPIs. We have reduced ourselves to agents of the toy stores of Silicon Valley. We have shied away from our responsibility to communities and the planet. For an industry that claims it can help businesses connect with people, we do a horrible job of connecting with our own.

So it should come as no surprise that our worth is called into question and that our existence is threatened. We’re in a tough spot, facing tough issues like – how do we sit down at the big table? How do we create work that is of value to both businesses and consumers?

So how do you change this?

These issues are hard to recognize, let alone solve, however, taking a human-centered approach could be key.

Enter Human-Centered Design (HCD)

Based on putting people at the center of every problem, HCD allows us to see challenges from a consumer perspective. Marketers have been doing this forever – consumer research, cultural exploration, knowledge exploration, these are all the tools we have used. So why design thinking, and why now?

Simply put, digital foremost marketing – technology and data has made marketing smart but cold. We can reach target audiences more precisely through personalized / optimized communication (almost) anywhere and anytime. However, in the rush to create 6 second stories where the brand appears in the top 3 to satisfy an algorithm, we put aside the human ideas that get people to take action. Our solutions are designed to scale to the most efficient platforms, not to leverage the most efficient moments. We’ve gotten good at using data in obvious ways – like measuring the number of views, but what about data that unlocks provocative information?

The missing component here is empathy, and this is where the HCD fills the void, allowing us to understand what another person is going through within their frame of reference.

Take a brand of detergent. You can tell the consumer your cost, your efficiency, your superiority over competing detergents – what might work or might make another cheaper detergent find its way into your consumers’ shopping cart.

Or you can use empathy to explore what your brand is doing for the consumer. Suppose your client is a housewife responsible for the laundry in the house. Step into their life – explore what they say, think and do, understand their needs, their pains, their gains.

Surf Excel (HUL’s laundry brand) realized that of all the problems housewives face when doing laundry, children’s clothing is the most important. At the same time, they still want their child to enjoy playing, learning and getting dirty at the same time. For them, dirt is not only a nuisance, but also a sign of a healthy childhood. From this idea, Surf Excel’s “dirt is good” was born.

A human point of view first

Brands without a strong point of view become commodities. Brands with a worldview inspire people. A simple way to arrive at a point of view is to reframe a problem – looking at a problem through the lens of the consumer experiencing a brand, rather than the point of view of the brand offering it.

Meet Indigo, India’s largest passenger airline with a 55.5% market share as of October 2020. Founded in 2006, the airline has found that India’s burgeoning middle classes are not being served by the country’s luxury flight market. This group, they found, appreciated the savings in time and money from air travel, but did not want to spend on luxury. The reframing was deceptively simple – smart, efficient, non-bloated luxury air travel. This tactic not only opened up a new market for them, but gave them the opportunity to retain their customers, without the need to create a loyalty program.

Points of contact at important moments

A clear, relevant and unique perspective allows marketing to extend beyond touch points. User journeys, another tool in the HCD framework, aim to do just that. Surf Excel’s tactic of turning dirt from a nuisance into a positive experience for children has positioned the brand as a catalyst for this belief, with a meaning that transcends washing dirty laundry. The brand’s efforts have successfully activated and engaged parent communities, focusing less on marketing touchpoints and more on the moments that matter most to the customer.

A seat at the big table

Marketing is about connecting brands to people, and people to each other and their communities, and the quality of that connection can define a business’s success or failure. Right now, we have a unique opportunity to dig deep and rediscover humanity. We need to stop being distracted by tech toys and complex KPIs – and focus on understanding people and engaging with them creatively. Human-Centered Design reminds us to put people at the heart of everything we do to unlock opportunity, drive innovation and transform categories.

This is our ticket to the big table, and it must start now. I like marketing. I always go. I will continue to fight the forces of stupidity that have reduced a powerful tool of behavior change to an instrument of mindless selling.

I will fight to solve evil problems just because they are worth fighting, and human-centered design will be my weapon of choice.

The author is vice president of strategy at The Glitch (a VMLY & R company), India.

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Floki Token Celebrates “Floktober” With Various Marketing Campaigns Tue, 05 Oct 2021 09:00:00 +0000

The cryptocurrency Floki uses the month of October for its marketing activities, christening the month “Floktober”, which must be filled with various activations.

One of the most aggressive marketing campaigns for Floktober is the commissioning of 300 red London city buses and the underground for their advertising spaces, which will be there throughout October. This will help Floki maintain his momentum. In its initial version, Floki NFT was picked up by digital collectors within 24 hours of release.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Floki is featured on a billboard adjacent to the Nasdaq building in Times Square in New York City. He will stay there from Floktober until New Year’s Day. This type of exposure will continue to help expand Floki’s reach to the general public, especially the mainstream financial space.

Floki Radio was also recently launched, which will broadcast announcements, interviews and news 24/7 directly through the Telegram app.

Floki will continue their Floktober celebration with additional marketing activities for the rest of the month. The hope for the cryptocurrency is to continue its growing exposure to the general public, with the hope of being adopted by more people, which will then lead to widespread acceptance by financial institutions. However, with or without the traditional financial sector, cryptocurrencies can still thrive in the online space, where Floki is starting to take a big foothold.

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Small Business Benefits ™ provides business owners with powerful marketing resources to grow and grow Mon, 04 Oct 2021 13:31:00 +0000

MELBOURNE, Florida, October 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Small business owners often lack the resources to fully market their businesses themselves. After all, they should be spending their time running the business and doing what they do best, and having an in-house marketing team is expensive. This is where small businesses profit™ Between.

Small Business Benefits is a powerful network and digital marketplace offering resources and tools specifically designed to give small businesses everything they need to manage and grow their business from a single marketing platform.

Through a strategic partnership with Marketing 360, Small Business Benefits members enjoy access to the fully integrated Marketing 360 platform that contains everything a business needs to manage and grow, all from within a unique marketing platform.

  • Work with a talented team of marketing experts, designers, content writers, advertising specialists, video professionals, photographers, and more.
  • Create a Beautiful Website – An intuitive website builder and website design template library to make it easy to create a beautiful professional website for your business
  • Capture Market Share – Multi-channel advertising to help generate leads on popular channels like Google, YouTube and Facebook
  • Stay Organized – A fully customizable CRM designed to grow with your business. Manage all your contacts, projects, transactions, etc.
  • Email and SMS Marketing – Nurture prospects and customers with automated nurture leads
  • Manage Social Media – Create and schedule social posts across multiple platforms, all from the Social app in Marketing 360
  • And more!

Small Business Benefits is free to join and stacked with the best products and services. In addition to marketing support, Small Business Benefits, through its strategic partnerships with companies such as Oasis, A Paychex® Company, 1800-Accountant, BenefitHub®, and Office Depot®, is also able to offer employee benefits, accounting and tax support, loans and capital, as well as tons of day-to-day benefits.

Learn more about the benefits for small businesses™ and create a free account, visit

About the benefits for small businesses™:
Small Business Benefits was created to give small businesses the resources they need to compete with large businesses and to operate and grow as efficiently as possible. From employee benefits and payroll to marketing and accounting, Small Business Benefits fills in the gaps and handles day-to-day administrative burdens, freeing you up time to focus on what really matters: growing and running your small business. Embark on the road map to success. Create your free Small Business Benefits account.

Farra lanzer
[email protected]

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Geothermal marketing campaign in Geneva, Switzerland Sun, 03 Oct 2021 13:15:07 +0000

Geneva – geothermal advertising campaign (source: Alternative GVA, Instagram)

Impressive marketing for the geothermal campaign of the city of Geneva and its public service has been launched, managed and designed by the advertising agency Alternative.

An important campaign for the Alternative design agency in Switzerland is described in the Swiss publication Cominmag. The agency won the call for tenders with its pitch in March 2020 which was to be set up then but postponed because of the covid and which is finally seeing the light of day.

The State of Geneva and the city of electricity SIG have started a prospecting phase of a geothermal program, as we announced to you. In order to inform the population, these two public entities have chosen to launch a 360 ° campaign. The campaign can be experienced in street posters, in buses, in the CEVA tunnel, in cinema and digitally.

A 360 ° virtual reality film was also produced. He explains the course of the water: from the summits of the Jura, through underground rivers to the drilling areas has also been carried out. This VR experience can be enjoyed at Uni mail, in the “branded” information container, also designed by Alternative.

Geneva – geothermal advertising campaign (source: Alternative / Cominmag)

Source: Cominmag

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The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Photographers Keep Making Sat, 02 Oct 2021 15:03:56 +0000

Why do we always see photographers making the same photographic marketing mistakes? In this video, I look at the mistakes I see photographers making time and time again, and how to avoid such pitfalls.

For some reason, we seem to fall into the trap of thinking that photography as a business is something special, something different from all other businesses. We end up fighting among ourselves in a race to the bottom. There is also a lot of very bad information. The internet is great and horrible in equal proportions. We have all the information and thoughts of the people in the world at the click of a button which is great, but it is also the downfall of many photography companies that are unable to sift through what is gold and what which is an uneducated opinion.

A key part of our photography business is our marketing. And although our business is the same as any other, our marketing is somewhat different from that of more generic businesses such as supermarkets, as we are mostly highly skilled people with artistic merit for the sale, which means that simply adding a% to our overhead does not apply. .

Having worked as a professional photographer for over 15 years, I made most of these mistakes, especially when it came to pricing, because I too took bad advice and ended up with a product that no one else could buy. was ready to pay. Fortunately, I was finally able to work things out on my own or find the right people to guide me, and I hope this video helps you move in the right direction with your business.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made with your marketing?

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