Chillicothe (Mo.) HS BB Hornets sends Trenton 14-3 in five Monday

By PAUL STURM, Editor CT Sports

Regardless of where the game ended, the Chillicothe High School Baseball Hornets were featured to end their 4-game losing streak when they met the shorthanded Trenton Bulldogs on Monday.

Heavier rain at the planned game site in Trenton than at Chillicothe during the early hours of the morning led to the game being played on the Hornets’ “Chuck” Haney Field at “June” Shaffer Memorial Park, but with Trenton as the host.

That meant Chillicothe hit first, a circumstance he seized on to take a 4-0 lead before THS beat, bringing the Hornets on their way to a 14-3 10-point triumph over five innings.

The win took the CHS record to 8-9 before going to Maryville the next day. Trenton, who arrived with just nine players in uniform, fell to 2-10.

Chillicothe zipped on a leash when six consecutive hitters have hit it safe – five on hits and three on doubles – with one out early in the first inning.

Griff Bonderer, who would come out with almost all of the other starters after 1-1 / 2 innings, got the first of his two singles to start the rally. Brock Ward then started the scoring with a double that tackled Bonderer from the first.

A mistake put a second rider on board for Gage Leamer, who beat a long double by 2 points to the left. Brock Miller crushed the third 2-bagger of the set to make it 4-0.

After a goalless start in the second, CHS head coach Joshua Lyle replaced all of his starters except for first-year pitcher Brody Cairns and wide receiver Gabe Hansen.

Trenton then put his first two men on board in the home half of the second, but a blunder led to a strange 6-5-9-4 double play that wiped out both baserunners and left only the batter. at first.

The CHS substitutes then knocked out Trenton starting pitcher Bobby Schreckengaust with a third of 4 hits and 5 runs.

Trent Keith started off with a brace over the center-back’s head and rushed home as Braden Constant closed the gap down center-right for another brace.

A wild walk and pitch took Grant Leamer’s kicked Grounder to third place, 6-0, Hornets.

After the first out of the set, Ruger Cox netted a brace down the left field line, followed by Cairns’ high and twisted run to center-right new pitcher Brayden Wiggins for a 2-run triple and Marge 9-0 CHS .

Trenton entered the scoreboard twice at the end of the third against the reliever and winner of the Hornets Justin Pyle (1-0).

Gavin Cagle started off with the Bulldogs’ first hit, a single center line drive, back-to-back marches were dealt with an out, and a wild pitch scored the lead runner and pushed the others forward. A Kael Brock ball in the middle then allowed Tucker Otto to score and score.

Chillicothe quickly recovered those points and more in the top of the fourth, which led to another THS pitch change.

After two walks, Hansen lifted a high fly to a relatively deep cross that was almost caught, but ended up attempting another Hornets brace as Keith and Constant came in to score.

Following a Gr. Leamer hit to the right, a flying ball by Alijah Hibner fell safely into right center field, making it 12-2. A slick Landon Swift tacked on to another and a throw too high at home plate to attempt an end of inning force pushed the lead to a dozen.

Trenton conceded the fourth pitcher of the CHS game, Alijah Hibner, for a hit in the bottom of the fifth, but a strikeout ended the inning and, with an 11 CHS lead, the game.

Statistically, Chillicothe produced his 14 tries on 14 hits and four THS errors. Half of the Hornets ‘hits were doubles and another was Cairns’ triple. Trenton only had two hits and the Hornets were perfectly aligned.

Individually, the CHS had two players with multi-shot games. Joining Bonderer in stroking two singles was Frosh Gr. Leamer. Cairns, Hansen and Ga. Leamer had two points each.

The four pitchers employed by Chillicothe were first year students.

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