Coca’s poetry-laden summer packaging evokes reopening

Dive brief:

  • Coca-Cola has for the first time captured its summer packaging with poetry as it seeks to evoke feelings related to the season, according to details shared with Marketing Dive. The time-limited changes come as Coke expects summer rituals to be enjoyed “more than ever” by consumers, according to an announcement.
  • Hitting store shelves today (May 17), the “Open for Summer” creations feature 24 short poems related to occasions such as movie nights, baseball games and backyard barbecues. The designs will appear on regular 20-ounce Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero bottles through August 8.
  • The wrapping game is linked to a “Summer Tastes Better” campaign aired on television and radio. Coke joins with other marketers in pushing reopening-themed marketing as more pandemic-related activity resumes.

Dive overview:

While Coke’s latest seasonal packaging does not explicitly relate to COVID-19, the messages are signaling that activities disrupted by the virus last summer are starting to return. The poems included in the campaign describe scenarios like attending a baseball game in person that are now more achievable with the widespread distribution of vaccines. Coca is keeping some restrictions in mind – the ad describes “movie nights” rather than explicitly going to the movies – but the brand clearly believes consumers will be eager to resume their pre-pandemic rituals.

The news also shows how Coke continues to revamp its approach to seasonal packaging. For years the company announced the return of summer with a “Share a Coke” campaign that featured a variety of popular names. Last year during the holidays, Coke updated the concept to recognize frontline workers with labels bearing messages such as “My Hero”. The “Open for Summer” campaign focuses more on the occasions in which people could enjoy a Coca-Cola rather than on consumer packaging.

Signs of recovery are apparent in Coke’s recent performance. In the first quarter results released in April, the company reported the overall volume of unit cases in March. conforms to prepandemic levels , according to Yahoo Finance. However, he warned that a reopening would be a patchwork as other parts of the world struggle to contain the virus.

Marketers in the United States are stepping up their optimistic efforts after a year of naturally deaf messages. Starbucks launched a summer campaign last week dubbed “As Summer As Possible (ASAP),” another concept that hints at the desire for a quick return to normalcy. It includes a TikTok challenge encouraging consumers to show off their ‘dream summer mood’.

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