Coldwell Banker expands in Alexandria by partnering with New Alex and Platinum

Cairo, Egypt: At a recent press conference, Coldwell Banker – Egypt; a pioneer in real estate investment and marketing, announced the addition of New Alex and Platinum companies to its robust “franchise program”.

To begin with, the “Franchise Program” was launched in 2021, with the aim of supporting investors and entrepreneurs, who operate in the field of Real Estate, by helping them to set up successful projects, or even to expand existing ones.

The program also aims to achieve a lucrative return on investment (ROI), while being able to comply with the new requirements of the Egyptian real estate market.

Regarding the expansion plan of Coldwell Banker – Egypt in Alexandria, the company has taken the initiative to encourage companies based in Alexandria to join; New Alex and Platinum, as part of continuing the achievements of its “franchise program”, and expanding its success across Egypt.

To further explain, it is expected that after the cooperation, which has taken place between the aforementioned parties, the provision of a distinguished real estate consultancy service to the people of Alexandria will ensue, accordingly.

Back to the press conference, it was held in the presence of Karim Zain, CEO of Coldwell Banker – Egypt, Sherif Mahmoud, Vice President of Coldwell Banker – Egypt for Franchises, Hussein Younes, Owner of Coldwell Banker – New Alex, and Mosaab Madi, Owner of Coldwell Banker – Platinum.

While expressing his joy at New Alex and Platinum’s joining the franchise program, Karim Zain explained, “The urban renaissance that Egypt is currently witnessing has undoubtedly contributed to creating new foundations and standards for work in the real estate sector, especially in the context of the growing interest in creating new smart cities, which are commensurate with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as Egypt’s Vision 2030. Zain also highlighted the success of Coldwell Banker’s operation in Egypt, which has spanned more than 20 years, and through which the company has been able to achieve a myriad of achievements, ranging from joining forces with over 100 real estate developers, and advancing the skills and capabilities of more than 200 real estate experts.

To add to what was previously mentioned, Zain also said, “For two decades, Coldwell Banker has succeeded in becoming customers’ first choice and a true source of trust because Coldwell Banker has made it easy for customers to make decisions. , thanks to its diversified portfolio of services. Zain concluded, “In the coming period, we plan to unveil a myriad of unprecedented surprises for our customers in the CB Star Club, and we are also working closely with a number of successful partners to achieve more of EGP 10 billion in third-party sales in 2022.”

For his part, Sherif Mahmoud confirmed that Coldwell Banker is tirelessly seeking to broaden the scope of its “franchise program”, in order to be able to support and empower the greatest number of beneficiaries, while respecting the mechanisms that regulate the Egyptian real. Real estate sector.

Sherif added: “Through this program, we look forward to sharing our experiences, locally and globally, by providing top-notch training programs to build capacity, and thereby improve counseling skills, sales and marketing”.

He also pointed out that subscription requests have exceeded expectations, since nearly 500 serious requests are under consideration at this time. He also mentioned that more than 8 offices have already joined the program within two months of its launch.

From New Alex’s side, Hussein Younes said: “The franchise program appears as an important step for the development of real estate marketing in Alexandria, as it is intended to push the wheel of investment by attracting a multiplicity of development projects. in this vital city.” Younes also added: “We certainly believe that every real estate investor has a crucial role to play in sustaining the industry and its workers by sharing experiences with Coldwell Banker; an entity that has over 115 years of proven and extensive expertise. in the field of real estate, not only locally but also worldwide.Speaking on behalf of Platinum, Mosaab Madi was proud to join the program, stressing that it guarantees a high return on investment for small and medium-sized businesses. businesses and for promising investors in the real estate scene.

Not to mention that the business portfolio of Coldwell Banker – Egypt includes a wide range of distinguished services, including development market, primary market research, asset valuation, development management, capital services and many other services relevant to real estate marketing for both developer and client.

It should also be noted that through the “Coldwell Banker Training Academy”, the company offers its expertise in the field of Real Estate in the broad sense, while allowing trainees to acquire the skills sought that would help them to find there. wide area.


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