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They do it for the culture!

Culture brands, the black media company founded by Eunique Jones Gibson, made history today after Hyundai advertised them as their first go-to black marketing agency. Culture Brands will provide strategic solutions to connect with black audiences and start working this month with the launch of the all-new Tucson 2022.

The independent, women-run agency was founded in 2017 to fill in the gaps left by advertising agencies that had little focus or understanding of black people and culture. Since their inception, they have produced dynamic content that debunks negative stereotypes and celebrates unrecognized black characters and unwritten history beyond 28 days a year.

“At Culture Brands, we use our media platforms, consumer brands and partnerships to generate culturally relevant and assertive campaigns and content; We’re not just marketers, we’re culture shapers and changers, ”Eunique Jones Gibson, CEO and Chief Creative Officer said the head of Culture Brands. “We are honored that Hyundai has chosen Culture Brands as a collaborative partner and look forward to working with them to create and execute campaigns that resonate with black audiences.”

Hyundai Motor America CMO Angela Zepeda said Adage By choosing Culture Brands, the Korean automaker continues to focus on the diverse audiences that have made up the “new fabric of Hyundai”.

Zepeda added, “At Hyundai, our vision is progress for humanity, and that includes making our marketing more inclusive and representative. We selected Culture Brands for its expertise in reaching multicultural communities in culturally relevant ways. We look forward to getting started and being more strategic, focused and authentic in the way we communicate with African American consumers. “

According to a press release, Culture Brands will work with Hyundai to develop marketing strategies, create new vehicle campaigns, provide experiential and social media strategy and consult on media buying decisions. In addition to the Tucson campaign, Culture Brands will support the launches of future IONIQ models and sub-brands, as well as the activities of Hyundai Hope On Wheels in 2021.

Under the aegis of the acclaimed agency, is the award-winning platform Because Of Them We Can®, CultureTags® and Dream Village®, which toured several cities with OWN and American Family Insurance in 2018.

“By creating Because of Them We Can in 2013, my goal was to dispel stereotypes and help people reinvent themselves through the images I created… especially children. I wanted to amplify it. black excellence. A lot of people don’t know it. that I quit a career in advertising to do it. But I never stopped being an advertiser. I just turned my skills and learning into something something that I think would have a more lasting impact. I’ve always wanted to influence the way black people are portrayed in the media in a positive way, especially by understanding the role advertising plays in its funding, “said Gibson at Because Of Them We Can.

She added: “Since 2017, we’ve been running an agency that allows us to work with brands to make their campaigns and content more representative of who we are versus who they think we are … There is no way to stress how excited we are. I have to partner with Hyundai to do this and more. They understand, and they want to get it right. And I’m glad our team is accompanying them on this journey. “

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