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As Marketing Director of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, David Marine has led several brand marketing efforts, including Coldwell’s first rebranding in nearly 50 years and his first real estate video-centric YouTube channel.

Here, Marine offers insight into what it means to be a RISMedia real estate news creator – people known for their positive contributions to the real estate industry – and how to keep track of real estate marketing trends. enabled the success of Coldwell Banker Real. Field.

What does it mean to be named 2020 RISMedia Newsmaker in the Trendsetter category?

David Marine: It’s something special because it’s something I wanted to do for Coldwell Banker as a brand and as a marketer. I have tried to push the brand and push the boundaries by finding new ways to achieve our goals.

It means a lot.

How did you manage to approach your marketing strategies in new and innovative ways?

DM: I am proud to seek inspiration outside of our industry. I look at what other brands are doing outside of real estate and what trends are shaping the way people interact with brands. Next, I look at how this can be applied to a real estate brand.

A lot of times real estate feels like it’s a bit behind when it comes to technological advancements so I think this has allowed me and Coldwell Banker to continue to stay one step ahead. as a brand.

What trends are you seeing in real estate marketing today, and where do you think it’s heading?

DM: Many of the trends of the last 19 years I have spent in this industry are finally coming to fruition and reaching critical mass. When I joined Coldwell in 2002, there was a discussion of how we would move transactions entirely online and do this paperless experience in a truly virtual environment.

All it took was a global pandemic, and in 90 days every real estate agent in the industry was able to move their transactions entirely online. With this change, suddenly it’s the norm now, and there’s no excuse to go back to what it was before, so things like video and virtual tours and Matterport experiences become now the norm.

How should real estate professionals take advantage of these trends in their marketing strategies to achieve better results?

DM: It depends on how you split up now that everyone has caught up with the tech aspects. What really separates you as an agent, company, or brand that you can use and lean on to show why people should list their homes with you or buy with you?

It’s about capturing those differentiators and showing the value and difference you bring to the table. This will be the key to moving forward for a marketer at all levels, both now and in the future.

What are you waiting for most as the world returns to normal?

DM: I can’t wait to see a Mets game. I’m a huge New York Mets fan and can’t wait. I know my boys have asked when we can go to a game.

We’re also having our Generation Blue event in New York in October, and I’m looking forward to that as this is the first gathering as a brand in over a year.

Jordan Grice is the Associate Online Editor of RISMedia. Send him your ideas for real estate news by email at [email protected].

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