Delhi court denies interim relief to Navneet Kalra for black marketing of oxygen, issue to be heard tomorrow

The two restaurants, namely Khan Chacha and Town Hall, are owned by businessman Navneet Kalra, who is said to be on the run. Kalra is accused of the alleged black commercialization of oxygen concentrators in the national capital, Delhi, amid the deadly Covid-19 outbreak.

PUBLISHED MAY 10, 2021 11:44 IST

A Delhi court on Monday refused to grant interim relief to businessman Navneet Kalra, accused of alleged black marketing of oxygen concentrators in the nation’s capital, and said the case would be heard on Tuesday. Earlier today, Navneet Kalra asked the court for bail in connection with the seizure of oxygen concentrators in its restaurants by Delhi police. The case will be heard tomorrow by the Saket court in Delhi.

The two restaurants, namely Khan Chacha and Town Hall in Delhi’s upscale Khan Market district, are owned by Navneet Kalra, who is reportedly on the run, while the manager and three staff have been arrested so far.

Delhi Police said on Monday that a lookout was issued against Navneet Kalra in connection with the alleged black market marketing of oxygen concentrators. On May 7, police smashed a black marketing racket in a raid and recovered 105 oxygen concentrators from the two high-end restaurants in Khan Market.

“With the new seizure of 105 oxygen concentrators at two high-end restaurants in Khan Market, namely Khan Chacha and Town Hall, a total of 524 oxygen concentrators were seized from black traders. Owner Navneet Kalra , who also owns Dayal Opticals, is on the run. The manager and three staff members have been arrested. More raids on, “Delhi police tweeted.

Meanwhile, Delhi police on Friday evening arrested Gourav Khanna (47), a resident of Orchid Appartments, Sector 54, Gurugram, in connection with the case. Khanna is the CEO of Matrix Cellular Services Ltd, one of the companies involved in importing the equipment.

Earlier on May 5, police seized 419 oxygen concentrators from a restaurant and farm in South Delhi.

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