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If one thing became clear during the pandemic, it is the importance of digital marketing. Following the Covid-19, more and more consumers have opted to purchase from an online retailer rather than purchase in-store.

online marketing Strategies aren’t new, but they have become a fundamental part of business practices within the company, forcing marketers to adapt in order to maintain the relevance of their organizations. If you aren’t already spending a lot of time and effort maximizing your online presence, you’re losing customers.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, if your online user experience was not up to par as stores were forced to stay closed, how did you ensure the functionality of the business? Covid-19 has forced many organizations to optimize their digital presence in order to keep business operations alive during isolation. It was something that started out as an emergency, but has become somewhat of a requirement for most companies due to its accessibility to the market and proven return on investment.

Here are some of the main digital marketing trends that emerged from the pandemic:


Companies can now target particular groups of people interested in a product or service when they online marketing rather than focusing efforts on their entire customer database. Customer segmentation, which targets specific members of the audience instead of focusing on mass demand, has been shown to generate more audience engagement as subscribers receive personalized content, especially for them. This personalization makes it possible to generate leads from different demographic data.

Inclusiveness and sustainability.

A new generation of customers demand equality in social media marketing by encouraging brands to cover a variety of topics including race, sexuality, sustainability, etc. This push will force companies to shift their marketing plan towards a broader and more inclusive strategy, potentially exposing the company to a new audience.

This new generation of consumers are immersed in environmentalism and, therefore, are more inclined to support brands that support sustainability. The popularity of eco-friendly brands has increased dramatically, especially in the young consumer market. Subsequently, brands integrating environmentalism into their online marketing can benefit from a better brand image and competitive advantage.

Online Marketing Agency is committed to following the diversity, equity and inclusion of all of their merchants, with the goal of only supporting businesses that are aligned with these values.

Blocking ad blockers.

In a world where online advertising is a primary stream of traffic for most businesses, ad blockers can hinder the success of Online advertising. To overcome interference from ad blockers, readjust your marketing strategy to include social marketing campaigns, such as sponsored content or influencer marketing, have been shown to generate more engagement and lead generation, thanks to the associated credibility.

Interactive content.

Transform your social media marketing Content in interactive material, like open-ended questions, polls, polls, or giveaways, will inspire your audience to engage more with your brand. Increasing the time that users spend engaging with your brand gives your potential consumers the opportunity to have their opinions heard, helping them develop a personal connection with the brand. Adding social media posts to your content plan that directly connects viewers to a product checkout tends to increase conversions due to the effortless checkout process.


Investing in micro-influencers is a win-win situation for most businesses. Typically, influencers with a high number of followers offer minimal content for a large pay. On the flip side, micro-influencers tend to offer more flexibility in terms of the amount of content while gaining similar exposure to top-ranking influencers at a fraction of the cost.

Permanent pivots.

It’s clear social media purchasing becomes a predominant form of shopping. Social media marketing is not just a way for brands to generate brand exposure and credibility; it is an opportunity for brands to create urgency and to provoke the need for a specific product. Collecting buyer data allows brands to start implementing effective and targeted marketing to drive engagement and higher rankings on search algorithms.

If it all sounds too overwhelming, now there are companies offering digital marketing services optimizing all areas of your online marketing – free up your time to focus on business expansion and other urgent tasks.

Leader virtual team offers you the opportunity to hire a social media manager to support a wide range of online marketing services such as ad and community management, data reporting, and in-depth expert strategy development to help you achieve your marketing goals.

As a business owner in these uncertain times, it is essential to maintain business operations independent of potential setbacks. Investing in streamlining and improving your business’ online presence is vital to competing with the large number of technologically advanced businesses that are already profiting from online marketing.

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