Dispatch to Afghanistan: “an Afghan family sold four of their daughters for 42,000 Afghans” – JURIST

Law students and lawyers in Afghanistan file reports with JURIST on the situation there after the Taliban took over. Here, a JURIST staff correspondent in Kabul recounts how rising poverty and hunger are forcing destitute families to sell their own children. For reasons of confidentiality and security, we retain the name of our correspondent. The text has only been slightly modified to respect the author’s voice.

To survive, an Afghan family sold four of their daughters for 42,000 Afghans. The family, who live in Afghanistan’s Sar e Pul province, told a local newspaper that they were selling their daughters to buy food and other necessities, including flour and oil.

This family has sold every child they have had in the past four years for small amounts of money. Their first daughter was sold for 11,000 Afghans, their second daughter for 12,000 Afghans, their third daughter for 9,000 Afghans, and their fourth daughter for 10,000 Afghans.

The local newspaper further reports that the mother of the family now suffers from mental illness due to the sale of her daughters. The family has no money to pay for food and treatment for the mother of the family.

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, there have been many reports of the sale of children by their parents, due to poverty in Afghanistan. Humanitarian aid in the country is generally not enough for the poor and needy, and people are complaining that the Taliban-led government is not distributing aid received from the international community to the needy. In Takhar province, local media reported that people complained that only a specific tribe received it in that province and that the Taliban replace the poor with their own families. In the same province, people have also complained about the quality of food and other items distributed by the WFP and other humanitarian organizations.

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