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KARACHI: FPCCI Business Women Committee Coordinator Nazli Abid Nisar has said that FPCCI, Sindh Commission for Women (SCW) and First Women Bank (FWB) will work together to give women the maximum opportunity of move forward and make them aware of their rights. .

In this regard, awareness sessions will be organized and full support will be given to the problems faced by women, especially to make it easier for them to conduct business and also to give them legitimate inheritance rights.

Speaking at a meeting of the 2nd Central Standing Committee of Women Entrepreneurs, she said that the FPCCI strives to highlight women’s issues and their rights. Women should get business opportunities in all fields, especially agriculture, fishing, etc.

Nazli Abid Nisar added that the skills of women working from home in rural Sindh were invaluable, but they do not get what they deserve, so now is the time to provide business opportunities and equal benefits for all. She suggested that one-stop facilitation should be provided at the FPCCI, where representatives from 24 departments are present so that women entrepreneurs do not have to go back and forth.

Rafat Malik, Vice President of FPCCI, said that women entrepreneurs should be introduced in the fields of commerce and industry, while the provision of easy loans from banks for women entrepreneurs should be ensured.

Hina Mansab, president of the National Business Council, urged all women’s chambers to work together, said that no position is required to work for the advancement of women, and in this regard, the former vice president of FPCCI Nazli Abid Nisar; we have the example of

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