Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturers See Demand from Real Estate Agents Rising

Companies providing charging stations are seeing increased demand from property developers and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in several cities as more people buy electric vehicles (EVs).

As companies partner with builders for projects that are still in the planning stages, demand is also coming from housing companies and former settlements who want to invest in charging stations for electric vehicles.

“The electric vehicle market has grown thanks to a push from the government. But now more and more people also want to switch to environmentally friendly modes of transport, and this shows in the demand we are receiving from housing companies and RWAs, ”said Sumit Dhanuka, Founder, ElectriVa , a leading startup in the field of electric vehicle charging.

The company recently landed a major contract with Delhi government authorities to set up electric vehicle charging infrastructure at key locations.

“The expansion of the charging infrastructure segment required this kind of boost. We are developing different models for working with residents associations, as affordability and cost are major factors for them, ”said Dhanuka.

Kazam, which creates infrastructure suitable for electric vehicles by installing charging stations in apartments and residential areas in partnership with the government, plans to install 10,000 charging stations, particularly in apartment complexes.

“We have already forged partnerships with partners in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Pune, and residents are ready to convert up to 10% of the total parking lot to an electric vehicle charging station. Since cars are parked at home for a long time, the majority of charging will take place at home, ”said Akshay Shekhar, co-founder of Kazam.

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