Fahad Sharif reveals biggest trend in digital marketing industry

Fahad Sharif reveals biggest trend in digital marketing industry

New Delhi : Over the past few years, the world of digital marketing has completely changed the game of the advertising and marketing industry. While the field is large and includes a variety of fields, it can be difficult to predict what the next big industry trend will be and what is the best advice for a newbie to the field. This is why it is important to choose the right inspiration in the field.

In no time, Pakistani digital marketer Fahad Sharif, who founded Alecto Media LLC, a UK-based digital marketing agency, has become the inspiration for countless people around the world.

While his young age might surprise many pioneers in the field, his new take on the latest social media trends has become a talking point on social media.

He thinks the next big thing in the digital marketing world is using memes for advertising and product placement. The memes refer to the use of a pop culture reference to create a relativity factor, believes Fahad Sharif.

More digital marketing experts and more are focusing on the importance of using memes and pop culture to gain attention. Fahad Sharif believes that the future generation of customers who are millennials and Generation Z will be influenced by this new trend.

The main reason for Fahad Sharif’s success in digital marketing is the fact that he belongs to the new generation that is really shaping the industry.

While it is easy to push away the young people who rule the land, people like Fahad Sharif are changing the norms and creating a new path for the next generation to come.

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