Floki Token Celebrates “Floktober” With Various Marketing Campaigns

The cryptocurrency Floki uses the month of October for its marketing activities, christening the month “Floktober”, which must be filled with various activations.

One of the most aggressive marketing campaigns for Floktober is the commissioning of 300 red London city buses and the underground for their advertising spaces, which will be there throughout October. This will help Floki maintain his momentum. In its initial version, Floki NFT was picked up by digital collectors within 24 hours of release.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Floki is featured on a billboard adjacent to the Nasdaq building in Times Square in New York City. He will stay there from Floktober until New Year’s Day. This type of exposure will continue to help expand Floki’s reach to the general public, especially the mainstream financial space.

Floki Radio was also recently launched, which will broadcast announcements, interviews and news 24/7 directly through the Telegram app.

Floki will continue their Floktober celebration with additional marketing activities for the rest of the month. The hope for the cryptocurrency is to continue its growing exposure to the general public, with the hope of being adopted by more people, which will then lead to widespread acceptance by financial institutions. However, with or without the traditional financial sector, cryptocurrencies can still thrive in the online space, where Floki is starting to take a big foothold.

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