Grand Pittston is home to incredible athletes, coaches and parents

I would like to take a minute to talk about the Wyoming region race for a state title in baseball that took place on Monday, June 14 at Penn State University.

Whenever the Wyoming area or the Pittston area is looking, sportingly, to achieve a big win, an upheaval or bring a team to a District or even States title, the pride I feelings for our region is overwhelming.

I just want the Grand Pittston to be successful in everything we do. I want us to show everyone from the Palestinian Authority state to the world that we are special people.

Ultimately, as the old saying goes, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about how you play the game, and I’ve seen some pretty talented and awesome athletes and coaches over the past few weeks. covering three of the four games the Warriors have played. to get to Penn State.

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The win from behind over Brenner-Prendergast at DeSales University was one for the ages, and may in fact be one of the biggest downs of the last round wins I’ve ever seen – I mean ever.

Being down three points with two strikeouts in the game to win 4-3 was fair, well, you can’t write a better Hollywood script than the ending the Warriors won.

It was reminiscent of the “Miracle on Ice” game when the 1980 United States hockey team beat the USSR superpower team in an upset 4-3, ironically the same score as victory in the region. of Wyoming.

All we needed to hear at the end of the game at DeSales was broadcaster Al Michaels exclaim, “Do you believe in miracles? YES!”

I saw the Warriors get a big win like they did against Brenner-Prendergast and saw them lose in the United States to defeated New Castle and what I took away from the two games was how well the boys did after every game.

Coming from behind was insane and yes the team celebrated, but it was not a “face” type of celebration. You could see how happy the team were, but yet they were humble.

I saw the same humility on the pitch after the States game. There weren’t many tears shed and a good friend of mine reportedly said, “They were defeated like men. They did it, they really did it.

I’m sure it was a long bus ride home and maybe tears flowed at that point, but behind my camera the loss was mature like any professional baseball team that you see after losing the World Series.

Here’s the thing, you don’t see maturity like that on one side of the river, you see it from both, and that’s a testament to coaches in the Pittston area and the Wyoming area.

I won’t stop there; the parents of our children at Great Pittston are also to be congratulated. From what I understood, the parents and the Brenner-Prendergast fans were not friendly and just downright insulting, childish if you will.

It’s unfortunate that this must have happened, but again for the Great Pittstonians it is about pride, who we are and what we stand for.

Hats off to the Warriors, the coaching staff and the parents of a group of great kids. With 95% of the starting squad returning for next year, it will be interesting to see if the boys return to Penn State in 2022.

A few other thoughts come to mind for this Sunday.

During my weekly walk around town with my childhood friend, we both noticed how simply spectacular the midweek weather was. It reminded us of both our childhood and how a lazy summer day was what we both took away all those years ago.

The summers of my youth seemed to last forever and the days were very long, with sunshine apparently all summer until back to school in late August, early September.

There was always so much daylight to play outside with our friends.

We had the community pool to keep us occupied during the summer months and it’s such a shame that kids today will never experience that feeling of getting together with friends to socialize by the pool.

The pool opened at 1pm sharp and we never left until we had to be home for supper. After our dinner clean-up, if we didn’t have to play ball, we returned to the pool until it closed at 9pm.

There was no internet, no iPhones, iPads, or electrical devices to put our spirits in the pool; we had the sun to do it. The only way to tell the time was the large clock hanging above the food stall.

As the afternoon progressed you would glance at the clock every now and then to determine when was the best time to leave the pool and come home on time.

Now my childhood oasis has been filled and a never-used gazebo is in the same place where having fun and frolicking was the activity of the day. Thank goodness we have good memories and memories.

I would like to congratulate Art e Fekts Gallery, Pittston, on another successful exhibition by one of the artists from our region. The art of Helen Lavelle is very moving, touching and spectacular – congratulations.

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“The secret to moving forward is to start.” – Mark Twain

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“There are more things… that can frighten us than there are that overwhelm us; we suffer more often in our imagination than in reality. – Seneca

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“What we do inwardly will change the outward reality.” – Plutarch

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