Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies signs cement marketing contract with Alegina for prefabricated elements using crushed oyster shells


Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies (ISIN: FR0013451044, mnemonic: ALHGR) (“Hoffmann green cement“or the”Company“), a pioneer in low-carbon cement without clinker, announces the signing of a 3-year contract for the development and marketing of its low-carbon cement with Alegina, a Vendée company specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative materials and products oyster shells and other shellfish.

This commercial partnership with a minimum volume commitment concerns the production of slabs and drainage pavers in Hoffmann Green cement and aggregate from crushed oyster shells from Alegina, particularly suited to the requirements of the fight against the artificialization of soils, ‘water drainage and revegetation of urban development. These innovative achievements based on bio-sourced ecological products will be used for urban development projects aimed at building the eco-responsible cities of tomorrow.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, state: “Combining urbanization and environmental responsibility is the philosophy we share with Alegina. We are therefore very proud to sign this partnership agreement with a compatriot Vendée company specializing in the recovery of oyster shells, natural waste of which the quantity is significant on the Atlantic coast. This new contract further strengthens our presence in the prefabrication market and allows us to combine our technologies with other disruptive and innovative solutions with the common objective of decarbonizing the construction sector by implementing a true circular economy.

Philippe Gaboriau, Chairman of Alegina, add: Combining our solution with Hoffmann Green cement, whose environmental performance and added value have already been demonstrated, represents for us a real opportunity to accelerate the development of our young company. This partnership reinforces the dynamism of the Vendée ecosystem in the application of more responsible alternative solutions for the constructions of tomorrow.

Financial calendar:

  • H1 2021 revenue and results will be published on September 20, 2021 (before market)

About Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

Founded in 2014, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies designs, produces and distributes an innovative low-carbon, clinker-free cement with a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional cement. Fully aware of the environmental emergency and the need to reconcile the construction sector, cement manufacturing and the environment, the Group considers itself at the heart of a real technological breakthrough based on the modification of the composition of cement. and the creation of a manufacturing without heating and own process, without clinker. Hoffmann Green cements, currently manufactured on a first 4.0 industrial site without furnaces or chimneys in the west of France, are intended for all markets in the construction sector and present, in equivalent dosage and without altering the manufacturing process concrete, higher performance than traditional cement.

For more information, visit: www.ciments-hoffmann.fr


ALEGINA specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative materials and products from oyster shells and other shellfish. It develops its bio-sourced ecological products with the objective of transforming waste into raw material, using it in new and innovative products and helping to limit dependence on non-renewable mining materials. Among these products, ALEGINA also plans to design and market, under the VivaWay® brand, draining slabs and paving stones using aggregates from crushed oyster shells, particularly suited to the requirements of the fight against soil artificialization, rainwater drainage and revegetation of urban developments, in particular by associating VivaWay® with specific revegetation processes.

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