Improvements to the inclusiveness and diversity of legal marketing


If your law firm does not focus on inclusiveness and diversity in its marketing, you may be missing out on opportunities to grow your business and provide legal help to those who need it.

Being inclusive in your law firm’s marketing can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. But you’ll have to figure out how to show people of all types of backgrounds that you’re the law firm for them with your advertising and marketing efforts.

Audit your law firm’s current marketing strategies

In order to be more inclusive, you first need to be really honest with yourself about where your law firm is currently in terms of diversity and inclusion, and what systems you may have in place that have it. prevented your firm from becoming more inclusive in your marketing approach.

Start by auditing the content that your law firm has already posted. You should look for any unintended posts about who your law firm is, what matters to you, and who you will or will not work with. For example, does your website content use terms such as “his or her” or “he or she”? To be more inclusive, your content should always address your target customer as “them” to be the most inclusive.

Go through your social media profiles, lawyer bio, and every piece of media you’ve created and analyze them. Could you have been more inclusive to ensure that people from more diverse backgrounds recognize that you are the law firm that can help them?

What photos does your law firm use?

The photos you used are one of the first things you should do when reviewing your law firm’s marketing materials. Any image on physical material, and more importantly, online, should be carefully considered. Do all of your photos and images feature people of the same nationality, gender or race? What about people with disabilities? There are different ways to be more inclusive when it comes to your photos.

First of all, you need to start hiring with inclusiveness and diversity in mind. It means hiring people from a variety of backgrounds to work with you and your law firm. It’s the most natural, authentic way to be more inclusive in your marketing because your law firm is living it.

Another way to be more inclusive in your marketing photos is to engage and participate in your community. Volunteer with organizations that care about inclusion and diversity. Organize fundraising events whenever possible. These are just a few options, but at the end of the day you want to immerse your law firm in the community you want to represent.

Have you thought about accessibility?

Another way to be more inclusive in your marketing is to consider accessibility. Is your current website accessible to people with visual, neurological, cognitive or hearing impairments?

Are there ways to make it easier for customers to find you and interact with current documents that your business has already created? Some easy upgrades to make your website more accessible can include adding keyboard navigation features, adding ALT text to your images, and descriptive URLs.

Take into account language barriers

When you live in a particularly diverse region and want to take steps to be more inclusive, you should take into consideration that not all of your potential clients will speak English as their mother tongue. Some customers may not speak English at all. By having lawyers on your team who speak multiple languages, you may be able to uniquely bridge a language gap that your competition may not be taking into account.

Make sure you let your future clients know that the language barrier will not be an issue with your law firm, as you have employees who speak their native language. This is not only a great marketing advantage, but it gives your client a better overall experience with your law firm.

Establish a strong and ongoing review process

Most lawyers know that getting a bad review online can have a significant impact on your law firm. One of the best ways to be more inclusive and diverse in your marketing is to establish an ongoing review process.

If successful, you could be seen as a law firm with a solid reputation. If your assessors leave open and honest comments about their experience with your firm, those looking for a lawyer might resonate with your client’s experience and see you as the best option for their legal representation.

You should also make sure to respond to any negative comments or opinions you may receive. And be sure to use constructive criticism that may prevent your law firm from achieving optimal inclusiveness.


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