Is your marketing game trivial? Here is a handbook of public relations power.


At Coldwell Banker, we’re some of the best marketers in the business. From Video King Tim Smith of Coldwell Banker Realty, in Newport Beach, Calif., Who is known for his viral and highly produced real estate videos, to TikTok Queen Lauren Matera AKA @ItsThatRealEstateChick of Coldwell Banker Realty, in Annapolis, MD, who amassed nearly 350,000 people with his hard-hitting style, our marketers know how to score major brand points with their audience.

However, while there are many agents involved in the marketing game, how many are actually putting points on the board?

If marketing alone isn’t enough for you – maybe you hate it, or want to improve on what you’re already doing – there’s one movement to add to your playbook: the grossly underused power of public relations. . While the industry is teeming with “marketers,” there is plenty of room in the arena to shine in the PR space. So if becoming the next Don Draper in your local market just isn’t your thing, consider these three PR tips that can boost your business.

Master your signature movement

At Coldwell Banker, we train countless media officers. I’ve seen many start their fake interviews by mirroring manners or lines of conversation that they’ve seen others. My advice? News doesn’t need the same old thing, so put the NEW in the news with your unique story.

Unlock your movement by responding, “What can you talk about with passion, precision and confidence?” Maybe you are driving change in the DCI space like Tina Marie Hernandez, who joined the Coldwell Banker brand through the Inclusive Ownership program. Tina has created an amazing platform as a Latina leader passionate about building generational wealth for others in her market and nationwide.

Do you live for the release of NAR numbers? So maybe you are a data sleuth like the chairman of Coldwell Banker Realty Chicagoland Ayoub Rabah who created a series of videos on LinkedIn in his market that garnered media attention and unlocked multiple relationship opportunities. public, most recently in Fast Company.

Whether you are a market intelligence expert, a celebrity agent or a change agent, take the time to master YOUR signature gesture and start building relationships with local media partners to tell your story. Don’t try to be everything for everyone; stay true to your only subject and become the authoritative voice in this space.

Think ahead

More media exposure = more eyes on your brand and more leads for yourself. But public relations strategies cannot only be reactive, they must also be proactive. Take the time to reflect and follow what happens next, then share your brand’s and agent’s perspective with the media. Fresh new ideas are key to maintaining momentum to support yourself and home buyers and sellers.

One way we did this at Coldwell Banker this year was to recognize a lack of post-2020 homeowner research, so we decided to do our own news. Our March survey, conducted with The Harris Poll, found that one in five homeowners intended to sell in the next 12 months. Of homeowners looking to sell, nearly 6 in 10 were planning to move to another city or state. The results have armed our agents with essential knowledge to grow their businesses and guide their clients to their homes. And the media took note of the data too!

Partner of your brand

As Coldwell Banker, we serve as public relations consultants to our network of nearly 100,000 agents, offering a range of free services including media training, press release writing, crisis navigation and promoting Coldwell Banker Global celebrity and multi-million dollar luxury properties. As a result, we have a significant lead in voice sharing in the industry and have generated over $ 50 million in YTD advertising value for our network.

If you’re struggling to tell your story, call your public relations team for help. And if you don’t get the help you need, I encourage you to explore what Coldwell Banker can do for your business. Our team has supported countless star agents over the years, from Coldwell Banker Global Luxury agents like Jade Mills to entrepreneurs like Booker Pickett.

We are always looking for ways to showcase our Affiliate Agents and amplify their stories. Our outreach experience spans all markets, regardless of demographics, and we love to look for new ways to showcase our stars because the work they do deserves recognition on a large scale.

Whether you take it out of the park with marketing or dig in, as we head into the last quarter of the year, I strongly encourage you to add a PR element to your business strategy. I guarantee you will become an MVP. Good luck!

If you’re ready to harness the power of public relations, visit us now!

About Lindsay

Lindsay is Vice President, Public Relations and National Communications for Coldwell Banker. Since joining the brand in 2011, she has held nearly every position within the marketing team including media, advertising, public relations and communications, and has supported partnerships with many major brands. She currently oversees the communications department and partner agencies who work together to support the brand’s more than 96,000 agents worldwide.


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