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20 years ago (2002)

A local educator who was beloved by the students, along with other Brainerd Vo-Tech teachers, has passed away. Chuck Widmark, 79, a 50-year resident and accomplished forester, helped develop the curriculum for the natural resources technology program. He was co-owner of Widmark-Harrison Christmas Tree Farms for 34 years.

30 years ago (1992)

Faced with the possibility of a legal test, the county council agreed to change its indigent cremation policy. The council asked county attorney Jack Graham to rewrite the policy giving cremation as an option families could accept or reject. Last month, the council had established a policy requiring the cremation of the indigent unless the deceased had left instructions saying not to.

40 years ago (1982)

The battle for 4-year-old Jamie Loftus is over and the losers are Dick and Pamela Bowne. They paid $7,000 for the boy, but the law won’t recognize him as a legal adoption. In an effort to take him in as a foster child, the county turned them away because their farmhouse has no running water, electricity, or indoor plumbing.

60 Years Ago (1962)

It will be tough for the Warriors to top last night’s performance in an 88-51 crush of CI. A crowd turned away in time that fell to 36 below saw Brainerd fire his first five shots – all from long range – for an early 10-0 lead and continued to pour it. And it was Bill Laumann’s spectacle as he hit 16 of 21 on his way to 39 points, before being drawn with 4:30 to play.

80 years ago (1942)

A tired but combative team battled for victory last night as the Warriors beat Little Falls 23-19 on home court. Playing without injured veteran Gene Brandt and regular forward Roy Cottam, who was dropped for “insubordination,” others stepped forward. Garvey led with seven points and Gardner had five.

100 years ago (1922)

The spell is broken, with Brainerd High School’s first-team basketball team clearing St. Cloud Tech by a score of 15-11. Captain Hess fought like a demon while little Wally Engbretson stood at the height of the fray. Molstad made a huge splash with his long shots, and time and time again Heikkenen dribbled the full length of the floor.

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