Kiski Area makes safety a top priority with new position

The Kiski Region School District has created a new position focused on student safety.

John Tedorski is the new Director of Student Information, Transportation, Safety and Security Services.

Raised in Arnold and still residing there, Tedorski has been employed by the district for 29 years. In his early years of teaching, he taught keyboard, business training, and computer applications for seven years, then moved to administrative roles.

Misty Slavic, new superintendent for the Kiski region, praised Tedorski’s expertise in areas beyond teaching.

“The number one priority is to make sure all students and staff are safe,” Slavic said. Tedorski’s extensive safety experience including serving as the Fire Chief at Arnold for 12 years, working part-time in Police Department (Arnold) Records and Dispatch Information and Westmoreland County 911 , provide them with the essential skills needed to implement robust security. plans and protocols.

The school board approved Tedorski’s transition from his old role as director of technology services to the new, broader position. His annual salary will be just under $ 117,000.

Slavic said the pandemic has added additional levels of responsibility to all staff.

Tedorski, 52, said the new job was created when Slavic identified areas in the district that were going to need extra attention.

“Transportation issues, both with the lack of drivers and the need to change routes every week to cope with this shortage, also creates more responsibility and time,” Slavic said.

The Trib previously reported a shortage of bus drivers in the district. The district is still grappling with managing the routes of more than 65 buses.

“Bus contractors are getting more and more applicants, but it takes time to train them and put them in place,” Tedorski said. “The roads are less impacted and there is progress.

In his new role, Tedorski will keep tabs on all safety-related tips reported to the district.

“I will be monitoring social media, using all of our information resources, and students here have the option of using an anonymous whistleblower line,” Tedorski said.

The Safe2Say Something program started in 2019 as an anonymous way for any student to report a tip to their school.

To date, the district has never had to close any schools due to a threat.

He stressed that he wanted every student in the district to feel comfortable speaking with teachers, counselors and administrators.

“If they are going to talk to an adult, that adult can reassure them and tell them what they will do about it,” Tedorsky said. “This personal interaction is always important.”

The district employs two school resource officers, one from Allegheny Township and Washington Township Police Departments.

Additional staff have been hired to help with the technological aspects of his former role.

“It’s great to be involved in something that is so essential to educating students,” Tedorski said. “Getting them to the building safely, and then having them stay safe while they’re in the building, that goes a long way in their education. “

Joyce Hanz is a writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Joyce at 724-226-7725, [email protected] or via Twitter .

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