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EATON – On Wednesday, October 20, Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson, state and local officials recognized longtime public servant Donna Terry and celebrated her career with a ceremony in honor of her retirement.

“Today we say thank you to Dispatcher Donna Terry for nearly 31 years of public service to the citizens of Preble County,” Simpson said during the special luncheon ceremony. “Prior to coming to us, Donna worked for almost three years on the Preble County Board of Directors, before being hired into the Sheriff’s Office in August 1993, about 28 years ago. She was one of the dispatchers hired when we switched to 9-1-1 in the county. Prior to that, Preble County had never had 9-1-1.

According to Simpson, Terry also had previous experience with the Eaton Emergency Squad, having served as an EMT for a few years.

“During her 28 years of tenure, Donna has received many letters of thanks from government agencies and utilities for her efforts. As I went through her personal file, there were several where people thanked her for the work she had done. Not only people on the public safety side, but also on the citizen side, ”Simpson said.

He continued, “In February 2020, Donna and two of our highway units were recognized for their rescue efforts involving a woman who was overdosing. Donna has been named Current Employee of the Year four times during her career, in 2004, 2008, 2015 and 2020. ”

“The skills to be successful in this career include excellent communication skills – you have to be a professional, have the ability to handle your stress and you have to be calm,” Simpson said. “And most importantly, they need to care about the people they serve every day. Donna embodies each of these attributes and has served the citizens and the sheriff’s office with honor, professionalism and a positive attitude of service, ”he said.

“You could come to work knowing that when she was working with you, no matter how slow or busy, the job would be done right. “

“Every morning I do my best to get into the jail, get sent out and say hello to the people who work,” Simpson said. “And my greetings to Donna have always been ‘hello, Donna Terry’, or ‘hello, Mrs. Terry, how are you?’ And I knew that with Donna and her teammates on a mission, the day would be good, it would be handled properly.

“Today we honor Donna and thank you for all you have done,” he added. “Thank you for your years of service to this county and to the sheriff’s office. Thank you for being part of our team for so many years. And you will be missed.

Simpson presented Terry with a Distinguished Service Award for his service. Preble County Commissioner Adam Craft was also present to recognize Terry.

“On behalf of myself and the Preble County Board of Commissioners, we would like to express our gratitude to Donna for your many years of service,” Craft said before reading a council proclamation made in Terry’s honor. .

State Representative Rodney Creech presented Terry with a proclamation from the Ohio House of Representatives acknowledging his services. “It’s going to miss calling and hearing you answer, but I appreciate your service to Preble County,” Creech said.

“I’m very happy to retire, but I enjoyed doing the job that I did,” said Terry. “I hope I have helped people. Hope people appreciated me when I helped them. But now I’m going to go on and do what I need to do. Thank you all for coming, ”she added.

Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson, state and local officials recognized longtime public servant Donna Terry on Wednesday, October 20 and celebrated her career with a ceremony in honor of her retirement.

Retirement after three decades of service

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