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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands and RALEIGH, NC, Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lytho, a creative operations platform, providing tools such as creative workflow and digital asset management (DAM) to brand and creative teams, today announced it has been named a “leader” in a new report from technology analyst firm Action Research GmbH. The report, titled “Vendor Selection Matrix™ – Marketing Resource Managementassesses the strategy and execution of the top 15 global brands competing in the MRM space.

Peter O’Neill, research director at Research in Action, describes MRM as software systems that “help collect and share marketing assets, execute campaigns, and track marketing assets across print and digital channels.” The goal is to provide “a single unified system for all marketing materials, which in turn ensures consistency in branding and messaging. It also enables marketers to create workflows and process to streamline marketing operations.”

“The focus of marketing has shifted from simply realizing new business leads to a more engaging relationship model,” O’Neill says in the report. “This poses challenges for marketers to manage all the resources they are now responsible for: digital like content and brand assets; as well as other components such as people (talent), costs, and project workflows. »

The report is based in part on a survey of 1,179 “budget marketing and sales executives” and some 1,500 interviews conducted by the analyst firm. The results show that the most important factors for purchasing and implementing MRM solutions are:

  • “Demonstrate our overall marketing ROI” (37.7%);
  • “Reduce the overall costs of marketing operations” (34.6%);
  • “Increase brand consistency” (25.9%);
  • “Empowering our local marketing players” (21.7%); and
  • “Reduce commercial production bottlenecks” (18.8%).

“The need for MRM may be clearer, but the modern marketing manager wants more than just an asset management system,” O’Neill added. “They need a more dynamic solution that allows them to forecast, measure, model, analyze and even predict all of their sales figures – to be fully empowered to control their marketing processes and results.”

From his own point of view, Lytho stands out from other solutions on the market because it is uniquely designed to meet the needs of internal branding and creative teams. To this end, the company has officially introduces resource management – as a set of features added to its platform – in March 2022. However, these features have been developed over the course of a year, including multiple beta tests, iterative software releases, and involved over 50 companies clients in the process.

According to Lytho research – the Q2 2022 Creative Management Report – 38% of in-house creative teams have seen growth in the last twelve months and around the same proportion expect similar growth in the coming year. Additionally, the study identified top challenges creatives face as tight deadlines (48%), unclear or incomplete project requests (40%), and unexpected changes to projects that are nearing completion (38%). %). Lytho believes that the growth in the size of these teams and the challenges associated with the processes are directly related to resource management.

“These internal agencies have seen significant growth in recent years, which naturally adds complexity to creative operations and MRM can help them tame the chaos,” says Lytho Chief Marketing Officer Russ Somer. “We are honored that Lytho has been named a Leader by Research in Action in this report, which helps identify the business case for MRM software that brand and creative teams will find useful.”

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Lytho, a creative operations platform, provides tools including creative workflow and digital asset management (DAM) to brand and creative teams. These tools promote efficiency and streamlined collaboration at every stage of the creative lifecycle, from project receipt to measurement. This helps these teams combat the natural complexity that comes with managing the growing volume of stakeholders, digital assets, and creative projects. Over 600 enterprise clients worldwide use our software to help tame chaos and drive greater business impact through improved predictability, stronger brand consistency, and ultimately better creative results. The SaaS-based technology is easy to implement, intuitive, and backed by an industry-leading customer service and support team with offices located in the US and Europe. For more information, visit us at

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