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Wampsville, NY – As the holidays approach and the New Year approaches, Madison County Board Chairman John Becker shared a video message online for residents.

“Thinking back to 2021, I remember the hope we all felt around the same time last year,” he said. At that time, vaccines were just starting to roll out. The Madison County Department of Health administered its first-ever COVID-19 vaccination clinic on New Years Eve.

“We were moving forward together and starting the path towards healing from this terrible pandemic,” he continued.

Right now, people can be tempted to give up hope, Becker said. In the past year or so, the community first took on the contagious Delta variant, and now the news of the Omicron variant can be troubling. “Try to keep that sense of hope. We have to bring 2022 stronger and with a different attitude.”

He continued, “I ask all of you to be safe. Use your best judgment over the next few weeks. The president highlighted key practices for staying safe during the pandemic and limiting the ability of the virus to spread. These include staying home when you’re feeling sick, wearing a face mask in public, social distancing, and washing your hands. “And please, if you haven’t, get the shot and get your booster,” he added.

“We all need to arm ourselves with the best tools to limit the spread and protect each other from this virus. “

The president asked residents to embrace the Christmas spirit this year. “Please be kind to each other, your neighbor. There has been a lot of tension this year. We are a community. The Madison County community. Put aside your differences and unite for the common good.

He cited the Madison County Board of Supervisors as an example of a rally despite differing opinions. Last week, the board of directors unanimously passed a resolution to support the wearing of masks in indoor public places while leaving the application of the state’s mask mandate to the NYS Department of Health.

“Last week, the Madison County Board of Supervisors showed that while we have different opinions, it is important to listen to the other side and find a compromise. Please do the same, ”Becker said.

“Let us bring back hope, a sense of community and goodwill in 2022.”

Visit the Madison County website for more information on vaccination clinics and COVID-19. As of December 23, there were 351 active cases of COVID-19 in Madison County.

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