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Whoever said “hard work pays off” must have seen the vintage and craft makers market on Saturday in Vallejo in their (vintage) crystal ball, as the turnout at the event was incredible .

None of the organizers were sure what to expect. They only knew they liked vintage things as well as crafts and they hoped enough other people would too.

This is what prompted Maria Maddry’s decision to try and create the pop-up market of stalls held in front of her other business – Dillon Bread Company on Ryder Street.

“We’ve been texting each other group all week to motivate ourselves,” said Sarah Cain, who sold vintage items and offered samples of her house liquors from her “Muddle Me This” company.

“We were like, ‘It’s time to make the donuts! She says laughing.

But all the planning and product preparation was worth it, as customers started arriving as early as 7am and kept arriving in a constant stream. Maybe it was the sale itself, or maybe it was the excitement of having something to do in the community after a long year of isolation. Just as many people were chatting and laughing as they were rummaging through bins of goods.

There were over a dozen vendors, but perhaps the most popular stall was Falin Minoru’s coveted tiki company, Tiki Kaimuki. It helps that his products are playful, sturdy and trendy, but he had his sales down to a science. Everyone had to queue, one per customer, and if you wanted more, you had to go back to the back of the pack. Minoru ended up leaving soon after all of his pottery was gone.

At noon, tiki cups weren’t the only things stealing from the shelves. The wind really started to pick up and people grabbed hats and shopping bags before they took off.

“How much does it cost?” said a woman holding an old framed photo of a long-lost family.

Anne Carr de Vallejo found delicate vintage embroidery as well as a vintage pattern. Another woman sorted out a beautiful porcelain box. A little girl held up a dress that was, unfortunately, too long for her petite stature.

Maddry was thrilled with the participation, she said. They even ran out of Snickerdoodles, cinnamon buns, and lemonade.

One of his goals was not only to organize this event, but to make it biannual in May and then in October. With the response he received on Saturday, treasure hunters will indeed have something to look forward to in the fall.

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