Marketing to reach a diverse audience

HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Sarah Wheeler sits down with Jake Fehling, Keosha Burns and Teressa Lurk to share some of the ways attendees can develop a diverse audience portfolio.

Here’s a little preview of the session, which has been tweaked slightly for length and clarity:

Sarah Wheeler: At the top of the marketing funnel, how do you reach these different groups of buyers?

Jake Fehling: Just to go back to “Enter the key”. You know, for us, when we edited this video – and Keosha, I’m so happy to hear you say it’s not a competition, is it. We are in such a competitive industry. And we talked about being, you know, being competitors all the time. But in the end, the reason we released this video, without our name, was for this reason alone. We hope everyone can use this video. Now, of course, we’ve since put our name on it. But the reason we’re doing this is for the same reason, Sarah. This is so that we can empower our loan officers who may not have all the facts.

Sarah Wheeler: What are the things you do to tackle the education part?

Teressa Lurk: I think education is definitely the key. I think Keosha highlighted some of the myths and things that we have to overcome, you know, surrounding the home buying process that are extremely important for us to make progress. You know, I would also like to congratulate a lot of our member companies, who are really, really active in this consumer education space, not just on the mortgage process – I mean, we’ve seen initiatives that have even gone further. far into financial literacy in high school where we really want to lay the groundwork for what it looks like before we go to college and get into credit card debt or student loan debt. A lot of our companies have really taken that to get their hands on financial literacy as an initiative, which then fuels the idea of ​​education around the mortgage process.

Keosha Burns: One of the things we’ll be launching in the next few weeks is a new podcast. People listen to podcasts all day, but you know, they’re really looking at infotainment. People need to want to listen. But it is intentionally diversified. We have this amazing host, who usually hosts shows on Apple Music, who really knows how to engage an audience. And that’s on a topic that I think people can relate to. We are talking to a lot of different buyers who have different issues. Definitely a diverse set of experts. This is not an advertisement for Chase. You can hear our name once in the whole episode, that wasn’t the intention. The intention is to educate people and show all these different groups of people who all seem to have issues that relate to each other.

Watch the full session below. To return to the full HousingWire on demand summit, click here.


  • Jake Fehling, Vice President of Marketing, Movement
  • Keosha Burns, Executive Director, chase away
  • Teressa Lurk, Vice President of Marketing and Design Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Sarah Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief, Wire Housing

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