Miller High Life serves ice cream inspired by dive bars

Diving brief:

  • Miller High Life has partnered with ice cream company Tipsy Scoop to produce a beer-infused ice cream bar, according to a blog post by parent company Molson Coors.
  • The candy, which contains 5% ABV, is intended to remind consumers of a dip bar by incorporating peanuts, caramel, dark chocolate, tobacco smoke flavoring and fizzy candy.
  • The ice cream is available for purchase now and can be purchased in six-packs for $36 or a single bar for $6 through, and at all three Tipsy Scoop stores in New York City Barlour. The summer snack is the latest in a series of novelties from Molson Coors.

Overview of the dive:

As summer enters its final weeks, Miller High Life “adultifies” a classic summer treat. The boozy ice cream is meant to invoke beer’s dive bar heritage and a sense of playfulness as Molson Coors attempts to reach consumers in an increasingly competitive alcoholic beverage market.

Miller High Life, with the slogan “Champagne of beers”, has long positioned itself as chic but economical. High-end ice cream plays into that brand image by putting a decadent, elaborate spin on an inexpensive treat. The ice cream, which has a higher ABV than the actual Miller High Life, appeals to both beer lovers and those who appreciate unique food items.

Molson Coors’ beer offering has seen a resurgence in recent years, largely due to interest from millennials. This age group, while showing an affinity for budget beers, also demonstrated a taste for premium products. The ice cream bar combines these two concepts.

The tie-up with Tipsy Scoop, which includes an e-commerce component, comes months after Miller High Life teamed up with Tie Bar, a direct-to-consumer formal menswear brand, to create an edited bridal collection limited. Molson Coors has unveiled a wide range of novelty products over the past few months across a number of brands, such as Miller Lite flavor drops and Coors Light mosquito traps. It also introduced a “Grill Share” program through Miller Lite which includes local pop-up stations and nationwide giveaways.

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