Mississippi River flood warning, snowflakes expected for the coming week

The forecast calls for snow but no accumulation as the flood warning issued by the National Weather Service in Duluth continues for Aitkin. A previous flood warning issued for the Brainerd Lakes region has expired.

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“The week will be cooler at the start as we currently have a cold front running through the area, but we should be back to the 1950s by Thursday,” said Jonathan Wolfe, meteorologist in the Duluth office.

The temperature peaked at 50 degrees on Sunday April 18 and rain fell in the afternoon with lows in the upper 20s on Sunday evening.

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“There are a few chances here and there for light and light rain – like snow showers – but overall nothing significant with noticeable accumulations, so a bit of wind to start the week with but sort of become kind of a decent spring week, ”Wolfe said on Sunday.

Winds reached 18 mph in the Brainerd Lakes region with 78% humidity on Sunday evening. At 9:30 a.m. Sunday, the Mississippi River peaked at about 13.3 feet, according to the Duluth National Weather Service. The flood level of the iconic river in the Aitkin area is 13 feet.

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“Minor flooding is occurring and minor flooding is expected. … It will then fall below the flood level on Wednesday morning, ”according to the flood warning.

“All the rain that we had last week, a week and a half or so, has flowed. The Mississippi River – especially this particular region – is prone to flooding, especially fields, and it crosses a few roads, ”Wolfe said.

The Aitkin Town Park boat launch is flooded to 13 feet and a few walkways are covered with water in the Cedarbrook area with minor flooding of farmland in the community of Cedarbrook, according to Wolfe.

“Anytime it exceeds 13 feet, we issue flood warnings for that particular site. … It’s supposed to reach a ridge of about 13.8 feet and again, that’s still minor flooding, ”Wolfe said.

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The ridge of the river on Sunday falls below the previously recorded ridge of 13.3 feet on June 13, 1984, according to the Duluth National Weather Service.

“The only snow would be from tonight until tomorrow morning,” Wolfe said Sunday night. “It should just be light – like snowflakes in the air – nothing is piling up.”

Wolfe said the Brainerd Lakes region received 0.04 inches of rain on Sunday evening.

“This time of year the snow starts to decrease,” Wolfe said. “Most systems going through should probably have more rain than snow at this point.”

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