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Welcome to Seven in Seven. Here we will watch the concerts held in this area every week. Most shows are on hold due to the pandemic, so let’s take a look at seven of the best albums to be released on May 28.

Of Mice and Men – “Bloom”

At its best, heavy music produces escape and cathartic songs. Few bands display this spirit as strongly as Of Mice & Men, as evidenced by the new EP “Bloom”. The mission of the multifaceted metalcore machine is to create a soundtrack for every tragic event, melancholy rumination and moment of victory. A powerful and perfect element of the storm creates an exaggerated and exhilarating roar familiar to Linkin Park fans. Bloom sees everything swirling around in the unique sound of OM & M.

Various artists – “Modern Love”

BBE Music’s David Bowie tribute album “Modern Love” features a number of additional artists such as We Are KING, Meshell Ndegeocello, Khruangbin, Matthew Tavares, L’Rain and Nia Andrews. LP seeks to defend Bowie’s connection to the lesser-known musical genres of soul, R&B, jazz, funk, gospel, and artists of color. The significant influence of jazz throughout his latest album, Black Star, has been an important inspiration for the curation of this collection of songs revisited with these artists. The resulting effort is not only creatively harmonious, but an eclectic complement, like Bowie, characterized by a series of musical acts that span different worlds, centered around soul and jazz.

Moby – “Reprise”

Ripley’s sees electronic music pioneer Moby revisiting and rethinking the highlights of his 30-year career. With the Budapest Art Orchestra he has revisited some of his most famous rave classics and hymns with new arrangements of orchestras and acoustic instruments, and a great selection of guest artists from across the musical spectrum, including Alice Sky and Amicist Kia. Joined, Apollo Jane, Darlingside, Deitrick Haddon, Gregory Porter, Jim James, Kris Kristofferson, Luna Li, Mark Lanegan, Mindy Jones, Nataly Dawn, Skylar Gray, VíkingurÓlafsson.

Mailing – “Breaking Our Fall”

Famous roots rock band Dispatch released “Break Our Fall”, marking the group’s eighth studio release. The songs on this album speak not only of the personal evolution of Chadwick Stokes and Brad Corrigan, but also of the very nature of human beings, and through deep introspection and the study of empathetic personality, growing and accepting denial and resistance. Show the way to. For the couple, the only steadfastness over the past few years has been change – marriage, birth, death, departure – plus a very tense political situation, long-standing calculations of racial justice / gender equality and a world on the run. Pandemic and you have all the seeds for the new LP.

Jamestown Revival – “Fireplace with Louis Lamour”

The frontier story of American novelist Louis L’Amour has influenced Jonathan Clay and Zack Chance of Jamestown Revival since the group’s inception. At the age of 23, Clay and Chance read Lamour’s memoir, “Education of the Wandering Man”. After that, fans didn’t have to dig too deep to find hat advice for the big legends of the end. .. The EP “Fireside With Louis L’Amour” is a compilation of six songs directly inspired by his short stories, forever immortalizing the love of men for the narration of L’Amour.

Various artists – “The moon is falling”

The same crew as Bent Arcana, John Dwyer and Kip Malone, improvisational records that beat boundaries, changed course and welcomed multi-instrumentalist Ben Boy along the way. The aptly named “Moon-Drenched” is the second article in these sessions, on things at midnight, from the somewhat familiar twilight to the limited lines of black-blue squitter shades and winding street grooves to effervescence. Keep your vantage point In pursuit of the moon’s prism beam, which has never been seen before, to the ether. The more rhythmic bits here have a weird resergic halo, while the weak bits in between are turned into iridescent gossamar. It sounds like a frivolous message from a dirty future, with neon-splattered skyscrapers, anointed waterways, and guitar stands echoing digital beasts squirming.

Elder Island – “Static Swimming”

Elder Island, which opens up a space that goes against the genre in the ever-changing music landscape, is mesmerized by songs that change shape, where texture is as important as melodies and lyrics are scattered throughout. a mysterious meaning. Will be done. This trio of musical cherries selects and transforms elements from different genres such as electronics, house, pop and neo-soul. The result is a web of sounds that connects poetic lyricism and unknown instruments against the backdrop of dance rhythms that make extensive use of electronic elements and synthesizers.

Mob and breakdown among mice and men releasing new music [Seven in Seven] | Way of life

Mob and breakdown among mice and men releasing new music [Seven in Seven] | Way of life

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