Must Know Top AI Tools Used in Marketing in 2022

Must Know Top AI Tools Used in Marketing in 2022

AI Tools in Marketing Generate More Profits to Gain Competitive Edge in 2022

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing department has automated several important tasks without any potential errors. The retail and e-commerce industry has started leveraging multiple AI tools for seamless marketing processes to address customer satisfaction and drive increased customer engagement. These AI tools are crucial, especially the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. AI helps achieve better deliverability and maintain CRM effectively and efficiently. So, let’s explore some of the best AI tools used in marketing departments of reputable companies around the world.

The best AI tools for effective marketing


Click360 combines website visit data with information from your CRM system to help predict which leads are ready to buy and how you can best move them through the sales cycle. It’s a business and marketing intelligence platform that uses deep learning to extract actionable insights from prospect engagement on your site.

Market muse

Market Muse is an AI marketing tool exclusively designed to address the content part of a company’s marketing efforts. This AI marketing software helps you use the power of artificial intelligence to create a content strategy for your business

seventh sense

Seventh Sense is an artificial intelligence software that can increase the performance of your email marketing campaigns. It can also boost engagement for your e-commerce store. This AI email marketing tool can benefit you in many ways. is an AI software development that not only helps in finding the right keywords for content optimization but also in understanding the message behind user queries including voice queries. This tool offers eight different machine learning models that are most useful for retail businesses.


It is also a chatbot framework in its own way, but it focuses on Facebook and Telegram. These platforms are very important for the development of the company, inside which these chatbots can understand and respond to requests thanks to the ability to recognize natural speech. They work 24/7 which is very convenient when you are not dealing with a huge amount of queries.

So, these tools are just a few of the multiple AI tools available on the internet. But one thing is certain, the integration of artificial intelligence can transform your marketing campaigns and allow you to better understand the target audience in this competitive global market.

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