Neustar Launches Optimizer ™, a New Closed-Loop Marketing Optimization and Consumer Intelligence Platform, to Deliver Real-Time Analytics and Improved Return on Investment Across Marketing Mix

STERLING, Virginia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Neustar Inc., a global information technology and services company and leader in identity resolution, today announced the launch of Neustar Optimizer, a new marketing optimization platform in Closed loop and consumer analytics that enables marketers to improve marketing and brand performance by measuring all consumer activity. Marketers can use Neustar Optimizer to perform real-time critical optimizations of marketing mix, media budget allocation, campaign and creative tactics, and audience segments.

Optimizer combines Neustar’s industry-leading consumer identity and unified marketing measurement capabilities into a single, easy-to-use platform to:

  • Drive unified analytics through granular marketing mix modeling (MMM) and advanced multi-touch attribution (MTA) with advanced cleanroom, machine learning and consumer identity graphing capabilities

  • Leverage 20x faster marketing performance optimization on target audiences, publishers, creatives and campaign performance

  • Bring your own models (BYO) to quickly test and predict return on investment (ROI) across hundreds of marketing scenarios

  • Adapt to data depreciation by measuring over 80% of total digital media in a privacy-centric post-ID marketing environment

  • Perform reach and frequency analyzes to eliminate media wastage by identifying the exact number of ad exposures needed to convert a buyer

  • Implement journey analyzes to identify how all consumer touch points (e.g. paid, owned and acquired media, customer service) impact the purchase path

  • Optimize audience targeting by identifying incremental consumer segments most likely to respond to advertising with predictive analytics

Neustar Optimizer leverages the most comprehensive identification and machine learning capabilities available, which powers identity-based data and unified analytics solutions for 70% of Fortune 100 brands. This includes hygiene CRM, l ‘data enrichment, integration, audience segmentation and media syndication services.

In addition, Optimizer is backed by Fabrick ™, the Neustar data connectivity platform, which supports an extensive network of direct media integrations and metrics covering over 80% of media spend on linear and addressable TV. , the walled gardens, more than 250 publishers and more than 60 of the main adtech, martech and ad serving platforms. This ensures continuous and comprehensive measurement coverage regardless of third-party cookie impairment and device ID loss through media investments and metrics.

“With Optimizer, the promise of agile marketing becomes a reality,” said Michael Schoen, senior vice president and general manager of marketing solutions at Neustar. “We’re making marketing analytics and data science exponentially more accurate and actionable for marketers. The unique combination of Identity-Based Data Optimizer, cross-media integrations, data depreciation protections and cleanroom technology is unmatched in the marketing world.

The results, as reported by Forrester Consulting1 among major automotive, financial services, telecommunications and retail customers using Neustar Unified Analytics, including:

  • 30% increase in additional income

  • 130% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)

  • 10X return on investment (ROI)

  • Brand building at the top of the funnel improved

  • Budget savings through improved media partnerships

  • Productivity gains for internal teams

A leading global retailer said: “[After using Neustar Unified Analytics], I now think more about experiences than campaigns. I want to tailor my posts on a need-based experience rather than serving a brief-based message. The focus has shifted from the marketer’s point of view and goal to focusing on the needs of the customer. ”

A major telecommunications brand said: “Neustar Unified Analytics is like a compass. You still have to walk to your destination, but Neustar instantly shows you the best way to get there. This requires partnering with the agencies and the internal marketing team to make sure all the right decisions are made based on what the data is telling us. But the solution is the key here, and it will dramatically improve our return on investment. ”

A leading automaker said, “I always suspected we were overspending. Once we started using Neustar, we immediately saw that we had hit the same customers 200-300 times over a 10-day period. Fifteen percent of our impressions were shared multiple times with the same customer. We reallocated our dollars, saved a lot of money, and there was no deterioration in performance. In fact, the performances have increased and we have gained a lot of credibility as a team. ”

The launch of Neustar Optimizer follows on from Neustar’s recent marketing measurement diagnostic, the Fabrick Impact Assessment, presented last month. Fabrick Impact Assessment is a new process to help marketers diagnose and mitigate the impact of third-party cookie depreciation and device ID loss on their media investments and metrics. .


Neustar Optimizer ™ is a closed-loop marketing optimization and consumer insight platform, backed by broad metric integrations and professional services expertise, that enables marketers to measure all of the activities of customers. consumers to perform critical on-the-fly optimizations of their marketing mix, campaign tactics. , and audience targets to improve the impact of marketing on sales.

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Neustar is an information technology and services company and a leader in identity resolution providing the data and technology that enable trusted connections between businesses and people at times of greatest importance. Neustar offers cutting-edge marketing, risk, communications and security solutions that responsibly connect data about people, devices and locations, continuously corroborated by billions of transactions. Neustar serves more than 8,000 customers worldwide, including 60 in the Fortune 100. Find out how your business can benefit from the power of trusted connections here:

1 Forrester Consulting 2021, The Total Economic Impact ™ of Neustar Unified Analytics

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