New data reveals best practices for email marketing

A new report has revealed the key benchmarks required to deliver best practices for email marketing campaigns in the real estate industry.

With millions of emails passing through its platform, ActivePipe analyzed anonymized data over a 12-month period to understand the numbers behind successful campaigns.

He discovered that ActivePipe users received more than 458,000 leads from their campaigns, which represents approximately $6 billion in agent sales commission nationwide.

The report provides powerful insights on how to improve email marketing effectiveness, the size and reach of email marketing in Australia, and what agents should be aiming for.

The data revealed the following information:

  • The potential commission generated by the average active user of ActivePipe through delivered leads is $446,556 per year in Australia.
  • Over 122 million emails are opened by ActivePipe email recipients, representing an open rate of 27%, well above the Australian average.
  • The typical click-through rate of 5.27% is also considerably higher than the Australian average for email marketing and double the global average.
  • A typical ActivePipe user sends emails to 2823 contacts each month.
  • 68% of emails include property listings.

ActivePipe CEO and Founder Ash Farrugia said the report helps agents measure the effectiveness of their current email marketing and provides guidance on how to beat the averages.

“The data reveals the standard performance of ActivePipe email campaigns and it’s great to see these numbers outpacing Australian digital marketing averages on almost every metric,” Mr Farrugia said.

“It shows that real estate agents are using the platform to successfully nurture relationships with current and past clients and potential prospects, and they’re reaping the rewards.”

The report identified a typical Australian agent using the ActivePipe platform and generating an average of 34 leads per year through their email marketing.

“The average number of leads is based on our system-wide data, but we know from our case studies that top performers using our real estate articles and market reports get significantly more leads. than average,” Mr. Farrugia said.

The report also touched on Apple’s recent changes to its email privacy policy and discussed different ways to gauge the effectiveness of email marketing as these changes came into play. .

Farrugia said the higher than average churn rates for ActivePipe campaigns shown in the data reflected both how consumers interacted with agents when buying or selling real estate and a unique feature of ActivePipe that regulated email delivery to contacts based on previous engagement.

This is designed to keep agent data sets clean and prevent “spam” email practices.

“The report clearly shows how most buyers or sellers register with an agent database when they are active in the market, but once they have successfully bought or sold their property, their need information changes,” said Farrugia.

“The ActivePipe algorithm recognizes these changes in behavior and ensures that automated campaigns only focus on email contacts who are engaged. This is one of the main differences between us and email software in general, because at ActivePipe, we seek to nurture leads for agents, not explode mailing lists.

Download the full report here

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