On A Dime Marketing thrives amid pandemic

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As a child, Jaime O’Neill picked up ice cream cones at his father’s Carvel ice cream shop in the Bronx. These glitters paved the way for his now thriving marketing business.

On a marketing penny is a digital marketing agency that was founded by its president, O’Neill, in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. With the help of his father, he started the business with a small creative team in July. From his past experience, O’Neill knew what he was getting into from the start. His confident preparation was based on his impressive sales knowledge, as well as the confidence of his previous clientele.

“It’s called On a Dime Marketing, because it’s about changing things quickly regardless of the industry. We’re creatives who stop you in no time, ”said O’Neill. “We probably had about 25 accounts to start up from the start.”

O’Neill managed his accounts slowly but surely through personal connections and compassion. He believes in the importance of seeing his clients as partners, not just consumers.

“I am very aware of growing slowly because it is very easy to find clients, but losing them is just as easy. We make sure the support is there and we don’t grow and chase that shiny new dollar until we know that everyone who took a leap of faith with us is taken care of along the way, O’Neill mentioned. “Most of my clients are now friends who started out as clients.”

Although he started out in the midst of a pandemic, O’Neill acknowledges his business is one of the luckiest that has thrived instead of going virtual.

“I am constantly on the ground,” said O’Neill. “So far it has been successful. We have grown, we actually opened new accounts and I have increased my staff. So I don’t take it for granted, because I see what’s going on. All you have to do is walk around your neighborhood and you see local businesses that have just been wiped out by it.

The Bronx native’s compassion doesn’t stop with his clients. He recognizes the importance of small businesses in local communities and is keen to support other business owners like him through marketing.

“When we opened, one of the goals I had was to focus on small businesses,” O’Neill said. “By putting together affordable packages for successful small businesses, I think it will be more important than ever to make sure they stand out from the crowd. I hope the community will continue to support local businesses… There are people behind these businesses and they can use whatever help they can get.

After the pandemic, On A Dime Marketing will stay away, as O’Neill considers a brick-and-mortar establishment unnecessary for general online services. The distant aspect benefits O’Neill not only as a businessman, but also as a family man.

“There are a ton of COVID negatives. Selfishly, I have a bunch of positives that came out of COVID, ”O’Neill said. “I have a brand new child. I couldn’t imagine the world without him. I got to watch my two other children growing up day by day… Now I have breakfast with them every day and they come in and out of my office. These are huge benefits that hopefully everyone will benefit from. “

For more information on O’Neill’s activities, visit On A Dime Marketing’s website.

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