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Agricultural Producers’ Organizations (OPAs) from the districts of Coimbatore, Tiruppur and Erode stressed the need for marketing support from the state government in a meeting held here on Saturday.

Representatives of more than 30 POs from the three districts took part in the meeting chaired by the Directorate of Agricultural Marketing and Agribusiness S. Natarajan.

Up to 16 FPOs have also showcased their products to the Collectorate here.

Representatives of the organization said they needed stalls in government buildings at zero or low rates to sell their products. Several buildings in central areas of cities are vacant, they said. Likewise, every FPO should have at least one vehicle for the mobile sale of vegetables, fruits and perishable goods. In addition, a portal should be developed through which all FPOs can sell their products.

The district of Coimbatore, which has 21 FPOs, has seven primary processing centers for vegetables, fruits and perishable products. Every FPO or at least a few in every district should be supported to get machines and they can share the equipment between groups, they said.

The government appoints business advisers for two years now for each FPO. He is expected to appoint the advisers for five years so that OPFs receive mentoring support until they have established their businesses, they said.

An official from the branch said here that joint demands of OPFs from different parts of the state will be presented to the government. The government is taking several measures to triple farmers’ incomes.


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