PhocusWire and Vacation Innovations Launch First Timeshare Secondary Market Report

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Orlando, Fla., September 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Vacation Innovations (“VI” or the “Company”), a leading provider of travel related products, software and services, today announced its collaboration with PhocusWire, a leading publication for the travel industry, to develop a one-of-a-kind report in the aftermarket timeshare market. The white paper, released today, takes a closer look at the evolution of timeshares, including recent consolidation, and a comprehensive look at the origins, major players, metrics, pricing and importance of the aftermarket. of timeshare.

Timeshare in transition: the rise of the secondary market brings together the thoughts of industry experts to provide a unique perspective on the evolution of timeshares and the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

“Timeshare has evolved significantly as a product over the past three decades, and the industry is changing,” said Chad Newbold, CEO of Vacation Innovations. “The major developers are consolidating and the market is changing, and we believe the overall timeshare ecosystem will change as well. We are at an inflection point in timeshares and, by definition, in the resale market. This report provides insight into the major players in the aftermarket, as well as the importance of resale to the success of the industry, from both a consumer and a developer perspective.

Legitimate and ethical businesses operating in the timeshare secondary market deliver significant value to consumers, developers, and the timeshare industry as a whole. On the consumer side, they offer a way for homeowners who are willing to leave timeshares to do so in a responsible manner, while providing interested new and old buyers with a lower barrier to entry into the vacation ownership product. For developers, they help maintain an engaged and happy member base, reach new and different customers, generate new members, and contribute to the overall health of the industry.

Newbold added, “By establishing a trusted resale platform, we are contributing to the health of the industry as a whole by providing legitimate solutions to transitioning owners as well as a lower barrier to entry for business owners. new timeshare owners who might not have explored otherwise. this product or travel style.

Broadly speaking, today’s secondary market is a dynamic industry segment that includes several players who specialize to some extent in timeshare resale and in specific roles. It established itself in the 1990s, driven by the changing needs of first generation timeshare owners and the growth of the Internet. brokerage firms and exit firms.

“When you look at luxury brands and retail products, most have a primary market and a secondary market,” says Bryan Rand, president of Vacation Innovations. “They have different dynamics but they both exist and they work together. We believe that we work in the timeshare ecosystem in the same way. It helps to understand how things work when sold at retail and how they work when sold in the secondary market.

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Founded in 1999, Vacation Innovations is a leading provider of travel related products, software and services. Drawing on advanced digital marketing strategies, sophisticated software solutions and decades of vacation ownership experience, VI offers new vacation opportunities to a diverse audience of novice and seasoned travelers. The Vacation Innovations family of brands offers a wide range of travel services including streamlined resort rentals, online advertising and marketing products for owner-owned timeshare sales and rentals, brokerage services and timeshare licensed transfer of ownership, as well as personalized owner services and product solutions for timeshare. beach resorts, resort developers, HOAs and timeshare management companies.

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