PMA webinar to cover used marketing and season merchandising

As spring and summer approach, now is a great time to talk about fresh produce opportunities and how the right strategies can help marketers take advantage of seasonal opportunities to drive sales in the region. detail.

The Newark Produce Marketing Association virtual webinar, Del.

The session – scheduled for May 20 at 12:30 p.m. EDT will focus on how second-hand marketing in retail is a growing opportunity, especially around purchasing consumer health and how the pandemic has changed the behavior of shoppers and the nature of the “occasions” when purchasing fresh produce.

In addition to moderator Joe Watson, PMA’s vice president of membership and engagement, the panel will include:

  • Karen Nardozza, President and CEO, Moxxy Marketing
  • Anne Marie Roerink, Director and Founder, 210 Analytics
  • Alyson Dias, Vice President of Advertising and Digital Media, California Table Grape Commission
  • Adam Brady, Marketing Director, Shuman Farms
  • and Vic Savanellox, vice president of products, Spartan Nash.

Participants must be members of PMA to attend, and we can attest that membership is worth it.

Learn more here.

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