Prime Minister Modi invokes Durga to reaffirm his commitment to women’s empowerment

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi focused his Durga Puja address to the people of West Bengal on the various welfare schemes his government has put in place for women and girls, saying the festival is a celebration of the mother and daughter and his dispensation has worked for their development.

In a speech that was peppered with Bengali to connect with the people of the state, Modi stressed that West Bengal has contributed enormously in all fields, be it freedom struggle, social reform, literature, science, cinema or Spirituality. He said that the same glory can be achieved again and expressed confidence that the people of Bengal will continue to work for development.

“I am a parliamentarian from Kashi (Varanasi)… Durga is worshiped there as Annapoorna. No child should go hungry. This blessing (from the goddess) can only be fulfilled when the country becomes Atmanirbhar and Bengal becomes Sonar Bangla,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister maintained that West Bengal will be the center of the Center’s plans for the rise of East India. He said that the goddess Durga symbolizes the empowerment of women. The festival is celebrated with Durga as mother and daughter.

Modi listed the various schemes in his government that aim at the betterment of women. She said that while Jan Dhan bank accounts have been opened in the state for women, easy loans have been given to women entrepreneurs through Mudra. Girls in the state also receive education through the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme.

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