remdesivir: PIL to HC seeks to have all manufacturers of Remdesivir allowed to sell it in the domestic market

The Delhi High Court on Monday asked the Center and several pharmaceutical majors to respond to a PIL requesting that all pharmaceutical companies manufacturing Remdesivir, used in the treatment of COVID-19, be allowed to sell it in the domestic market.

A bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jasmeet Singh issued an opinion to the Ministry of Health, the Central Organization for the Control of Pharmaceutical Standards, the Director General of Foreign Trade and various pharmaceutical companies, such as

and, soliciting their position on how only a handful of these companies are allowed to sell the drug on the domestic market.

The remaining companies were involved in making the drug for export, petitioner Dincur Bajaj said, adding that since the export of Remdesivir was banned by the Center, companies that produced it for export were allowed to manufacture it and sell it in the domestic market.

Bajaj, who is a lawyer and co-secretary of the Delhi High Court Bar Association, claimed that there are more than 25 companies in India that manufacture the drug, but only six to eight of them are authorized to sell it on the domestic market. and the rest produced it only for export.

The plea, filed through attorney Amit Saxena and Imran Ali, said: “It is relevant to mention that the scarcity of Remdesivir is behind its extensive black marketing and black traders charge prices. going up to Rs 1,00,000 per vial at its unavailability.

During the hearing, the central government said that the Supreme Court, in its order of April 30, had dealt with the issue of the sale of essential drugs and had instructed the Center in this regard.

Saxena, objected to the claim, saying the Supreme Court order deals primarily with the sale of vaccines.

The petition also said that huge stocks of drugs are in the ports for export and the same product can be sold in the domestic market.

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