Scott Popescu Sets Standards For Social Media Marketers With BrookHaven Media

Social media marketing is a competitive space where every agency or influencer is fighting for public attention. Everything new and unique gets attention, the rest dies of natural causes. Businesses around the world prefer to run branded marketing campaigns on social media because of their reach and audience demographics. Although social media has fierce competition, it is also a medium with many business opportunities.

BrookHaven Media is a digital marketing agency that has stood the test of time. The agency works with top brands to run multi-million dollar viral marketing campaigns. BrookHaven Media also creates influencers with trending TikTok videos. The agency is the vision of Scott Popescu, a 27-year-old influencer and entrepreneur from the United States.

From the moment he started using social media, Scott Popescu was intrigued by the platforms’ business opportunities. While social media was in its initial stages, Scott managed to uncover his hidden potential. As he grew, he wanted to start his business in the digital space and therefore got into social media marketing. After starting his BrookHaven Media agency, Scott Popescu realized he needed to learn more social media strategies and tactics to meet his clients’ expectations. If he himself fails to get attention to his social media accounts, his agency will never be able to work with A-List clients was his hunch.

After years of hard work and persistence, Scott Popescu has been able to attract millions of subscribers to his social media accounts on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. With its exponential growth on social media platforms, his agency BrookHaven Media has been able to stand out as a creator-led agency. He quickly used brilliant marketing strategies to make sure his clients’ content caught millions of eyeballs.

BrookHaven Media helps brands create an impression at scale across all social media platforms, even after ad campaigns have ended. The agency does not depend on many influencers to promote their clients’ brands. Scott Popescu, with his extensive social media presence and a team of dedicated experts, does a lot of work.

At 27, running a successful social media marketing agency, Scott created his own success after many challenges and obstacles. He had to face criticism and competition to get to where he is today. He worked hard for years until he could see real results. He believes that failures are part of success and that no goal can be achieved without obstacles. All the obstacles he has faced so far have only made him stronger to face the next one. He learned something new from every challenge he faced. He credits his success to everyone who has been a part of his journey so far.

Scott Popescu plans to explore more lucrative opportunities on social media platforms with BrookHaven Media. He plans to take his agency to new heights in the near future. Scott is an inspiration to many who want to get into social media marketing but are afraid of challenges. He believes that if he has managed to overcome everything to become a self-taught entrepreneur and influencer, anyone can.

Photography by: Scott Popescu

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