Seven Offline Marketing Strategies Your Online Brand Should Adopt

In this guest post by Jerico Lugo (pictured), media relations manager at SavvySME, he explains the importance of having offline strategies, the old-school networking strategies that still work wonders, and how Well-planned direct mail and cold calls can generate leads and sales.

If you equip your brand with a solid marketing strategy, you will establish a solid concrete foundation for your business. For me, solid marketing strategies and growth are synonymous. If you study the history of a successful business, you will find that they both complement each other.

All thanks to the World Wide Web which has radically transformed the way we market our brand online. The Internet is a vast ocean in which every now and then a new fish is discovered. There are many fruitful opportunities to discover and utilize in your business. Never hold back or you will end up losing that golden opportunity that you have always wanted.

The old man is gold

Never dispute or dismiss the effectiveness of offline marketing.

Regardless of the easy-to-measure, cheap, and quick benefits of online strategies, offline marketing is something that gives a business roots and helps it thrive. To have a well-founded, well-structured and of course established business, you cannot relax your offline strategies.

In fact, recent studies show that print media is still relevant to small businesses and is effective across these varied platforms.

Keep in mind that marketing is the essence of a business and offline marketing is the flavor of it. With more and more consumers online, offline strategies are being underestimated and ignored. Around the world, around 80% of people have access to the internet, but what about those who don’t? Or forget it, do you think the 80% that’s online doesn’t work offline at all?

They commute, go to events, browse magazines and live a life away from screens – so why would you want your brand to be devoid of all the myriad opportunities there? In fact, the right mix of online and offline strategies is the true barometer of excellence.

Remember that the “best” community is the only place that isn’t crowded. Surely you want to be part of this group too, so we have listed some offline strategies for your online business:

1. Network the old-fashioned way

What has always attracted me to traditional businesses is the kind of effort they put into connecting with their customers. They never miss that handshake with the customer and understand the importance of face-to-face relationships. They value brand loyalty and new relationships.

You have no idea what a handshake or eye contact can do and communicate. So, dig out your own opportunities to appear in the events of your associations or organizations, and don’t just appear, make sure you are heard and valued. Face value in the literal sense can make a lot of difference – like how many of us would have known Patanjali if it wasn’t for Baba Ramdev? And don’t forget that a lasting impression will eventually lead your audience to your online identity.

2. Engage people with your speaking skills

When we talk about the credibility of traditional marketing, how can we forget one of the first means of marketing, and that is to engage people with your speaking skills. Speeches are extremely important for several reasons. But to me, what makes it so important is that you’re introducing or talking to a group of interested people who are ready to pay attention and who could be your potential customers.

When you speak to a group of such people, you put your thoughts forward, which increases your credibility beyond your efforts in the digital world. But yes, if you are just beginning your journey, getting such opportunities can be a challenge. So take it easy, take one step at a time, and take every opportunity that comes your way, even if it’s unpaid. Have no fear and go with the flow.

3. Print media is invaluable

Day after day, blogs are replacing print publications. But what people don’t understand is that offline marketing strategies are simply incomplete without incorporating print media. Undoubtedly, blogging and online content translates into outstanding results and benefits for almost everyone.

your brand, but print publications can give you a dominant voice in your industry. Other than that, the other benefits are brand visibility, expertise, and reach.

So remember, there is no substitute. Research relevant industry magazines, newspapers and journals that your target audience is looking for and check where you can fit in or rather stand out. Don’t just be there for the sake of being there, it’s just a waste of resources, time and effort. You need to be selective and creative with the content you are going to post. Don’t do everything text-based. Create infographics and publish them on your corporate magazine. Remember to only use a reputable carrier, otherwise, you never know when it might turn against you!

4. Direct mail initiates personalization

You might think we bring you back to email marketing, and yes, in some ways, we are. Moreover, if you are familiar with email marketing, you will know the exceptional amount of benefits it offers you. However, direct mail is a process where you directly send your client or client the message you want to convey to them. It can be information about discounts, exclusive offers, new stock notification or anything else. The only (but most distinctive) difference between a direct mail and an email campaign is the aspect of “personalization”.

There will be a group of people in every target audience who will prefer direct mails and direct communication over any other means just because they leave a feeling of “wanted”. Also, this practice of direct mail is progressing day by day. Direct mails are a little more expensive than other techniques, but let’s not forget the speed of execution and wacky results of the same.

5. Make cold calls

Now that you are aware of the importance of the personal touch and contact, we offer another marketing strategy that incorporates them. Making cold calls is common. Chances are more than not that you received one. What differentiates them from direct mail is that they are MORE personal. Moreover, they demand an immediate response. Both of these could have extreme effects, both good and bad.

You not only search for potential customers while making cold calls, but you also keep tabs on potential marketing partners and business partners. You may never know what a phone call might bring you – it could be an opportunity to collaborate, create content together, be part of an amazing webinar, you never know! The key rule of a cold call is to keep your content strong and be attentive to your calls. Sure, be persistent but see where the line needs to be drawn. Remember why you are calling and always keep your heart strong. You won’t end up converting most of your calls, but keep trying.

6. Consider print advertising

This goes in the same direction as the written press. As the name suggests, it’s about running print ads that your potential customers might see. We all know that it is one of the most expensive forms of marketing or even advertising. Apart from that, it is very difficult to track its conversion rates or ROI. So, be careful before performing this option, and go through all of our previously mentioned points, before going ahead with this one.

Ad positioning can also be tricky, and if you’re not wise, it won’t yield any results. Check the proportion and density of your target audience in local areas, their behavior with print media, frequency and several other factors before finalizing the publication. A QR code or URL to your ad can be a smart technique to help you track your print ads to further calculate an average ROI.

7. Trade shows are irreplaceable

Trade shows are a technique where every piece of your time, money and hard work is worth it. Reason being, it simply combines the advantages of all the points mentioned above into one. It could be in-person networking or print advertising in the form of large banners and billboards – everything would be under one roof.

You can even distribute printed materials like brochures, booklets or flyers. Trust me, the ROI and conversion rates will make you smile. The combination of all approaches, combined with some online support, will create a multi-faceted effect on your brand visibility, again putting your online presence in a great position to leverage.

Final Thoughts

Offline marketing cannot be replaced by online marketing and vice versa. You also cannot depend on online marketing alone. Agreed, this marketing has been a paradigm shift with the emergence of the internet. Yes, they are remarkably effective, but remember that the roots of a business are only concrete if your offline marketing game is strong. With the same purpose, this article would help you achieve excellence, reduce mistakes and stand out from your competitors.

They would help you reach the audience, which is the main agenda of any business. Put your best foot forward and succeed in your chosen sphere! All my wishes!

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