Similarity between video production for digital marketing and Star Wars

Content marketing is a powerful way to deliver your messages eloquently and create a positive impact on your audience. When your content strategy focuses on videos, the message becomes even more responsive.

Videos have a better retention rate than any other form of content, which helps build branding and therefore build customer loyalty. We all know that the more loyal customers you get, the better your sales. It’s important to note that these customers can vouch for your brand through word of mouth, a great way to earn more business at no cost, which is what videos can do for your content.

Star Wars, one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, has a lot in common with the way you produce content, especially videos. That connection is what we’ll discuss in this article, citing ways you can borrow from the film to better position yourself. your content marketing strategy.

Whatever your industry, videos are an essential tool for building a trusting relationship with those who have never met your business or who already know your business. The videos will effectively connect you and your product to your consumers and help undecided potential customers through the buying process.

But what does Star Wars, the biggest movie franchise, have to do with videos for Digital marketing?

Released in November 1977, the first film of the saga, Star Wars: A New Hope, quickly became a great global phenomenon, combining originality, visual richness and, above all, a great emotional connection with the viewer.

For the first time, a film transcends movie theaters and takes hold of popular culture, spreading to other areas of entertainment, such as video games, toys and magazines. The Star Wars video game is held in high regard, judging by over 10 million subscribers and around 3 billion turnover.

More than being a success, Star Wars has managed to assert itself as a great benchmark of the genre, and has remained strong until today, while offering a unique experience to its audience. Learning from the best to see what works for them is your escape route from a thousand mistakes along the line, and that’s why we’ve put these lessons together to guide your trajectory.

Why is the video experience so important?

Movies, series and especially the videos that we consume daily on the internet – can naturally awaken different senses in a short time.

This combination makes video content easily digestible, establishing an instant and assertive connection with the viewer. So, if you are making or want to start making videos for your business, don’t forget to provide a good user experience to your audience by using relevant, targeted content to provide solutions and build a relationship of trust with your brand. .

Without content, it’s hard to connect with your prospects. It doesn’t matter if you have the best frame or the most modern equipment. First of all you have to have something to say and how you say it is just as important!

Imagine watching a movie full of stunning scenery and special effects with a poor script. Visually, beauty can be amazing, but what emotional connection does the story make? Nobody wants to look at something that doesn’t invoke any meaning, do they?

But how can I bring the Star Wars experience to my videos?

Star Wars teaches the importance of knowing your craft well and evolving over time, which is the reason for the Jedi Master ‘s long age and ability to survive every act of invading the chambers.

You also learn the importance of embracing the traits that set you apart, harnessing them, and winning. How to overcome fear in life and in your business is another lesson we can learn from Star Wars, while the message of never saying die is also essential in setting yourself apart from your competition.

These lessons, along with other seasoned lessons from Star Wars, can dramatically expand your business and content strategy, if you apply them, and here are some tips to help you elevate the process of formatting your videos and bringing a new one. redefining experience to your audience.

1. Be a Jedi master in your segment

The Jedi Master, being the Great Jedi is the oldest and wisest Jedi, having lived for 850 years and being the Warden of the Chambers, there are lessons to be learned from his wisdom and how to apply them to your videos.

First of all, never forget to: invest in original and quality content, just as the Jedi Master will always invest in wisdom. You’ve heard the adage that “content is king,” stick to it.

Talk about your experiences, give valuable advice, and resolve any issues your client may have. This establishes a more trusting relationship.

Thus, you establish yourself as an authority in the matter, attract those who are interested in your business and captivate those with the potential to use different modes of digital marketing to become a recurring customer.

What this does in the long run for your business is huge, from increasing sales to a rock solid customer base with loyal customers to your brand. And once you’ve got everything set up, you can fall asleep while you record the sales on autopilot.

2. Use storytelling tools

the use of storytelling humanizes the relationship between brands and the public. So tell your story, show your daily life or the trajectory of your product until it reaches the end consumer.

Create an impression of the beginning, middle and end of your videos so that your viewers can always experience a new journey. The storytelling will also create a mark of originality, as customers are open to the struggles behind the scenes, introducing them to your brand’s original wrestling story and how you came out victorious in it.

Another benefit of storytelling is that it shows you are real. Customers want to know and read the behind-the-scenes stories, they want to know how you can perform the magic. Storytelling will do it for you, and when you do it right, your customers will stay with you.

3. It’s simple, not science fiction

You may not have professional equipment? So you could think of all of this as a galaxy far, far away with no defined path to get there? You can always start by using social media without any cost impact!

Instagram Stories, for example, is a great storytelling tool, when used effectively, can enhance your customers’ experience and bring you even closer to your business.

You don’t have to be an advanced graphic designer to create your stories and give them that visual authority, Canvas is a free tool with a large number of templates that you can use to create your Instagram stories.

What about lives on Facebook? It can be used to answer questions from your community or to advertise new products, it can also be a great ally.

What if you don’t have the right equipment? Are you going to record with your cell phone? Yes you can! If you can get your point across in a clear and lucid manner, you have already achieved your goal. There are thousands of free video recording tools that you can use to record your great moments.

4. Create a good relationship

To maintain a healthy relationship with your audience, always be sincere and don’t create false information, just to increase sales and make them feel good.

Remember that you want to build a relationship of trust. So stay away from controversial high-appeal titles that can frustrate your viewers. A relationship of trust with your audience is like a marriage, it hardly goes bad. So be original, be sincere, don’t let go of anything you aren’t sure about. And they build confidence in you, they will always recommend you.

Negative surprises have the power to drive a potential customer away from your channel and backfire in an effort to establish you as an authority in the segment. Instead, use positive surprises, win with your truth, that should always be the goal.

5. Contextualize

Do you know the classic text that appears before every movie in the Star Wars series?

It serves to place the viewer in the story in a rapid manner, advancing certain information, without however revealing the outcome of the story.

In a content video, you can apply the same functionality in two ways, namely;

First, when recording, introduce yourself, summarize the topic you are going to cover, and move on to the content right away.

Two, when it comes time to publish, invest in a good title and description, grabbing the attention of your viewer. This way you will kill him and your viewer will be glued to his screen. Make sure the hype matches the content, that way you won’t have frustrated viewers. Don’t raise their expectations and leave them hanging.

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes happen, and that’s what makes life interesting, but don’t be afraid of them, my young padawan. Have you seen the footage of how Amazon was launched in the 1990s in one set of coins or Mark coding from his bedroom? It didn’t sound great at the time, but you know the rest of the story. So mistakes are part of the process, young Padawan. Adapt to it.

Videos are still new and evolving tools for your audience. So take the time to find the best format that works for you and your audience.

Test, experiment and keep an eye out for comments. Make sure you improve with every turn, don’t sit still, always evolve and you will be at the top of the pyramid.

Is it too late to start?

It doesn’t matter the scope of your project or segment. More and more, new niches are created every day. Therefore, the space for video production is increasing every day.

Audiovisual language is making waves as a major trend in digital marketing. With very simple actions, it is possible to achieve excellent results, with a complete experience that will wow your customers.

You know what? Now is the time to do the right thing. So you are always on time, just start.

So don’t wait any longer, it’s time to launch aAnd may the force of the videos be with you.

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