SON 2022: Could this be the future of fixed income?

In a dragon’s den-style panel, four fintechs from this week’s Fixed Income Leaders Summit (FILS) each received a five-minute presentation to demonstrate how they hope to solve users’ biggest problems in fixed income.

BondAuction: does what it says on the tin

With over 70 years of combined experience in bond markets and transformational technology solutions, BondAuction seeks to use technology to create a transparent, efficient and secure platform for issuers, investors and underwriters.

“Our founding team and advisors have over 200 years of experience in thousands of listed transactions in the debt capital markets,” said BondAuction co-founder Peter Charles.

“We also have over 50 years of experience transforming and delivering IT platforms to the largest organizations in all major geographies. Using current development techniques and feedback from across the market, we have developed an open, scalable, and transparent platform that delivers significant benefits to investors, issuers, and underwriters. We are recruiting market players and aiming for the first auctions in early 2023.”

Liquidity Lock Global Markets: AI-powered trading to reduce information leaks

This fintech provides a session-based portfolio trading solution for market makers and institutional investors. Using artificial intelligence, Liquidity Lock speeds up thousands of calls and bilateral negotiations, delivering fills to participants in minutes while maintaining complete privacy.

“What we’re offering is an AI solution to do what humans can’t,” said Liquidity Lock’s Lucio Biase. “With our solution, you can instruct the system as you would with a colleague. There are no mistakes made and there is no information leaking – everything is truly confidential. The system processes thousands of calls in seconds.

Synchro: streamlining market data

Established by capital markets and technology professionals, Synch seeks to create greater transparency and understanding of fixed income data that is both time and cost efficient.

“In fixed income, we always need human contact and that’s why we’ve developed a solution that gives you and your teams a better view of the market, ‘be more efficient in your workflows and be faster through data – thus, enabling everyone to be able to do more comprehensive data analysis. Most importantly, we’ve done this at a very competitively priced,” said Synch co-founders Adil Kurt-Eli and Andrew Dell.

Kynec: Creating the Gold Source for Margin Management

Founded by XVA traders to tackle the collateral liquidity, funding and optimization challenges they face in their daily work, Kynec’s mission is to help users manage margin with actionable insights, bringing together a network of companies and making clearing more accessible to everyone. through a single connection to the CCP and bilateral collateral pools. The company uses digital technologies to orchestrate data from multiple sources to create a single, secure “golden source” of accurate and timely collateral information for analysis and reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

“We felt the pain of not having the data we needed to do our daily work for many years with major international banks. That was the basis for creating this company,” said Robert McWilliam, CEO and co-founder of Kynec.

“Essentially what Kynec intends to do is solve the connectivity problem that almost every bank we spoke to is facing today.”

And the winner is…

After strong pitches from each of the four fintechs, the winner of SON 2022 Dragon’s Den was BondAution, which received 40% of the public vote.

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