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It’s National Public Safety Carriers Week, and it’s a great time — and any time is a good time — to thank a 911 dispatcher.

According to an article in today’s edition of The News, dispatchers in Alpena County handled nearly 20,000 calls for service last year, counting only those calls resulting in dispatches. by a dispatcher. The actual number of phone calls could be two or even three times higher.

Among the calls:

∫ 644 calls about stray dogs, loose horses or similar issues.

∫ 636 calls concerning suspicious situations

∫ More than 600 calls for wellness checks

∫ More than 500 calls for accidents with property damage, not including those that caused injuries.

On average once a day, someone called central dispatch when faced with a situation they just didn’t know how to handle, from a fallen tree branch that broke their roof to a stuck cat in a tree.

These days, we take it for granted that we can dial three digits on our phone and find someone on the other end who will send us help.

But that job starts with a trained dispatcher who knows how to listen and respond calmly to ensure the right help gets to the right place as quickly as possible.

We say thank you to every emergency dispatcher who reads this and urge all of our readers to join us in expressing your gratitude for the work done by these important people.

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