The Day – Commercialization of hospital networks only increases the cost of care

Why are Yale New Haven and Hartford Health advertising when everyone knows there are a limited number of hospitals and where to find them? Most people visit a nearby hospital or, if incapacitated, referred to a hospital by first responders. Further restrictions are imposed by insurance schemes which direct choice in relatively small geographic areas. So why announce the obvious when it has no medical benefit?

Alas, the two organizations are piling it up with new builds everywhere, every rebranding along the way. And, when long-standing local medical offices empty in favor of these new buildings, host cities are left with expensive housing.

All the excessive overhead costs piss me off as I struggle to pay an imaging bill of $ 1,137.13 for a big toe. Why so expensive? Although the imaging technology has been around for decades, the impressive multi-story building that housed it was erected at Mystic just over a year ago by Hartford Healthcare. Go figure it out.

Doctors, nurses and technicians are not the problem. The costs of advertising, branding and construction are. There should be a moratorium on all of this. Especially since we, patients, are obliged to pay for a diagnosis, a prescription and a procedure at the same time.

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