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AUBURN – Three members of the DeKalb County Central Dispatch team were recognized at a recent state IN911 board meeting.

Melody Chafee, Alexis Gigli and Supervisor John Bonifer were honored for their performance during a Criminal Frenzy on December 14, 2020 in DeKalb County.

Tiffany Weimer, deputy director of central dispatch for DeKalb County, sent this recommendation to the IN911 board:

“On the evening of December 14, my shift B spent one night! It started practically the moment they arrived, just after 6 p.m. dispatcher Melody Chaffee received a call from a suspicious vehicle that drove through a field and then straight through a fence leaving the scene. Ten minutes later, dispatcher Alexis Gigli received a 911 call from a vehicle passing through the complainant’s yard and the wooded area around the residence. Approximately two minutes later, dispatcher Alexis Gigli received a 911 call from a subject who had stolen the complainant’s vehicle with the point of a knife. These two calls turned out to be the suspect and the vehicle. This alone is a serious situation that has captured most of the attention of our officers and dispatchers.

“This suspect, however, was not finished. About an hour later, dispatcher Alexis Gigli received a 911 call regarding a home invasion, with a subject trying to enter the complainant’s residence through the garage. 13 minutes later, supervisor John Bonifer took a 911 call for a vehicle theft in the same area as the home invasion. Approximately 40 minutes later, a car chase took place with this suspect and the most recent stolen vehicle. As you can imagine the chase was not easy, this suspect took the officers through the yards, into a cornfield, along the railroad tracks, and finally bailed out the vehicle leaving it on the track. shoeing, which followed a foot chase, which ended in his apprehension when the suspect said he had a gunshot wound to his stomach – not by police. An EMS was called and the suspect was taken to hospital. He was released shortly thereafter and is now incarcerated in our prison.

“These weren’t the only calls they handled during this time. They were also struggling with a suicidal topic, alarms, elevator aids, social checks, lockouts and EMS calls to name a few. This shift worked together and handled that night, it could have happened in such a different way, just like the amazing professionals they are!

“I hope they will all be recognized for handling such a stressful night in the best possible way. Keep responders informed, collect information in the fastest way, and be truly calm in the storm. “

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