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News article | 07-15-2021 | 09:23

July 15the of each year marks one of the lesser-known, but important, international days. World Youth Skills Day celebrates the importance of equipping young people with skills for jobs, decent work and entrepreneurship. It offers governments, policymakers, TVET institutions and development partners the opportunity to highlight the importance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in equipping young people with the required skills. for the future. World Youth Skills Day 2021 will pay tribute to the resilience and creativity of young people through the Covid-19 crisis.

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The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in collaboration with UNICEF, ILO and the Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission, launched a week-long social media campaign to shed light on the importance of TVET, celebrating the examples of young Jordanians who are successfully graduating from TVET programs, as well as providing resources for those who wish to learn more.

According to the World Bank, 38% of young people in Jordan are neither educated, employed nor in training. Jordan’s youth unemployment rate reached an all-time high in 2021. Yet TVET is not seen by many as a popular form of further education. This can in part be attributed to a number of structural and institutional challenges in the sector. However, one of the main reasons for the unpopularity of TVET in Jordan is the negative cultural perceptions of it as a less successful form of further education. This leads young people and qualified teachers to overlook TVET as a viable option and employers to view TVET graduates as less qualified than their peers, causing mismatches in the labor market. In fact, high quality TVET education can teach students skills that they need badly and with which they can make a decent living.

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The social media campaign aims to shed light on the positive impact of TVET on reducing unemployment and improving the skills of young people. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is working with UNICEF and the ILO, as well as with UNHCR, IFC and the World Bank under the Perspectives partnership. Our partners, among others, ensure access to quality education and training for refugees and host communities, with a focus on youth and women. Activities under Perspectives are implemented with local stakeholders such as the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Jordan, TVSDC, Luminus Education and the Ministries of Education and Labor.

TVSDC is the unified national umbrella that organizes and directs the work of the TVET sector in Jordan. It aims to align TVET outcomes with the skills required for the labor market. The commission is the authority responsible for defining and formulating quality requirements in education (quality assurance, certification, levels, accreditation, national qualifications framework).

Strengthened coordination between TVSDC, international organizations and donors will lead to improved skills and outcomes of TVET programs and better prepare students for the labor market, making them more valuable to employers. This in turn aims to reduce unemployment rates among young people and job seekers at all skill and technical levels, as well as supporting employers with more qualified employees. This helps both TVET students and employers to earn a better living.

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