The films make a return to the Regal Boone cinema with the theater opening on May 21, the films premiered on May 27

Regal Boone Cinema

By Harley Nefe

Movie fanatics should pack their tickets, popcorn, candy and drinks, as Regal Boone Cinema is scheduled to open on May 21 and the films premiered on May 27.

This reopening comes after the closing of the 536 Regal theaters, which house 7,076 screens in 42 states, on October 8, 2020.

The Regal movie channel tweeted a statement on October 5, 2020 announcing the shutdown, saying:

“In response to an increasingly challenging theatrical landscape and continued key market closings, Regal will suspend all theater operations from close of business on Thursday, October 8, 2020 until further notice.”

The closure on October 8, 2020 took place less than a week after the Regal Boone Cinema first reopened on October 2, 2020. The reopening took place six months after all Regal Theater venues were due to close on March 17, 2020 in as a precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, Mooky Greidinger, who is the CEO of Cineworld, which is Regal’s parent company, said in a declaration:

“This is not a decision we took lightly, and we have done everything in our power to support a safe and sustainable reopening in the United States – from putting in place health and safety measures. robust security in our theaters to membership in our industry by collectively committing to the CinemaSafe Protocols to reach out to national and local authorities to educate them on these initiatives. We are especially grateful and proud of the hard work our employees have put into adapting our rooms to new protocols and cannot stress enough how difficult this decision has been.

The closures affected approximately 40,000 employees in the United States

Greidinger added, “The extended shutdowns have had a negative impact on the mailing list for the rest of the year and, in turn, on our ability to provide our clients with the range of blockbusters they expect from us. As such, it is simply not possible to continue to operate in our core markets. “

After Regal continued to monitor the situation closely over the past six months, the company announced the resumption of operations from April 2 by introducing a phased rollout with a limited number of theaters open at a time.

“We have been waiting a long time for this moment when we can welcome audiences back to our Regal Theaters and restore our vital role within the communities we serve,” said Greidinger in a commentary. declaration March 23. “With the health and safety of our customers, staff and communities being our top priority, we continue to take all necessary precautions and adhere to our CinemaSafe guidelines to confidently deliver a safe and comfortable experience.”

Greidinger added, “This is a big time for us – the US market represents 75% of our business. We strongly believe in the theatrical experience which just a year ago (2019) generated $ 43 billion worldwide. We have no doubt that by providing our customers with the highest standard for watching a movie, Cineworld and Regal will continue to be – the best place to watch a movie. ”

While some Regal venues have opened as early as April 2, many more theaters will open over the next two weeks, including Regal Boone Cinema located at 210 New Market Street Center.

The reopening plans involve new health and safety measures, including mandatory mask policies for Regal employees and guests. You will find more information on all the new health and safety measures here.

Despite opening on May 21, screenings of Regal Boone Cinema are not scheduled until May 27. website.

Films to be screened at the Regal Boone Cinema include:

A Quiet Place, Part II

Rated PG-13, horror, 96 minutes, 2D animation


NR, Comedy, 134 mins, 2D animation

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Rated R, Horror / Suspense, 112 min

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