The revitalization of the Pittston region is exemplary

Another big event took place last week, putting the Pittston town belt up a notch.

Restaurant sur le Pont, a concept taken from the pages of Paris, France, where Parisians would organize an event in the streets of Paris. In this case, it was the bridge that connects West Pittston to Pittston.

The Fire Brigade Memorial Bridge was the site of the new event and it was so successful, look for other events in the future.

The inaugural event was $ 150 per person, and some might say it was a steep price, but you got a four-course meal, top spirits, wine and beer, and directed entertainment. by Richie Kossuth’s trio, Reel in the Years.

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Keep in mind that this was a fundraiser with proceeds going to the Downtown Pittston Partnership for future events.

Personally, I think this is a new idea and that not all ideas come from the minds of public servants. According to Mary Kroptavich, director of the city’s main street, two years ago a resident brought up the idea of ​​organizing an event in the streets of Pittston as in Paris.

I’m giving it to Pittston City officials for keeping an open mind on the idea and following it. I think the mayor of Pittston Lombardo would agree, a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from and running with the idea is admirable.

The restaurant on the river was fortunate to have wonderful weather considering all the rain we have had lately. It was a warm, sunny day and a moonlit evening with soothing temperatures creating perfect conditions for the event.

The efforts of Pittston administrators and establishment staff were extraordinary when it came time to transform a bridge into an open-air restaurant.

According to Mayor Lombardo, the bridge belonging to the county of Luzerne had to be clear of traffic no later than midnight.

Dozens of tables, a few hundred chairs, a bar, a tent that housed the temporary kitchen, an ice maker, propane tanks, torches lining the deck and all the trash had to be picked up and moved. Needless to say, it was a long day for the restaurant workers and staff at Pittston City.

The event was covered by all local media, including yours, submitting an article and photos to The Times Leader for Friday and Sunday today.

Lombardo and his team have cornered the market to draw attention to Pittston City.

The city, a work still in progress that has made so many improvements, is still not where Mayor Lombardo would like to be.

The huge urban development project from the Kridlo bridge to the Duryea line has not yet started. The demolition of Pittston Lumber has not started. Fort Pittston School is still planning to create new housing in the city.

The Markdata project has several months to complete. The new Canteen restaurant project is underway and this will bring another restaurant downtown.

There are so many projects that will start systematically over the next 12 months before they are either doable or financially ready to go.

Mayor Lombardo even has projects in mind that could start after 2022 until 2023.

The bottom line is for the city to move forward and forward, and as long as city administrators, as well as the mayor, can still provide the necessary funds to launch these projects, progress will continue.

With all the improvements going on in the town of Pittston, I would like to think that other local municipalities would come together and take a page from Pittston’s notebook.

Yes, okay, Pittston is a third-class town and entitled to more funds than a borough, but it would be great if some of the surrounding towns could set up their own infrastructure projects.

The town of Pittston has become the epitome of the restructuring and revitalization of the municipality to the point where city officials come to Pittston, tour the city and meet with the mayor and his staff on how their municipality could benefit from some of the city’s fundraising tactics.

We always talk about the pride we have in our area, but sometimes I think we swallow our pride, and instead of asking for advice or help, we think we don’t need it and in the end , we don’t do much.

I would love to see a meeting of the municipalities of Greater Pittston to have some sort of summit on how we as a community can improve and share ideas and choose each other’s brains to make it happen.

We are calling on all of the communities in the Pittston area and the Wyoming area that make up Greater Pittston, a population of approximately 45,000. The town of Wilkes-Barre has a population of approximately 42,000.

If all the municipalities that make up Greater Pittston can join forces and meet regularly, there is much we can do.

There is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. Pittston is a perfect example. Maybe we need a little more of that and get away from “business as usual”.

Change is a very good thing.

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